Graffiti Vandals strike this family homes brush fence, one call and it was gone.
Before you say “there’s nothing that can be done to remove that”, give the Graffiti Eaters a call!

There’s nothing worse than seeing assets that add value to your home being victim to senseless vandalism. In the case of this owner, the challenge was unique graffiti removal from their gate and brushed fence as they were thoughtlessly and needlessly attacked with spray paint.

While the gate may have been a simple solution, the brushed fence proved to be a unique graffiti removal challenge, but still no match for the Graffiti Eaters.

Tests were first conducted to ensure that no damage would be done to the fence, both in terms of cleaning solutions used and by means of water under pressure.

After testing, the right combination was found, and the process could commence.

By rinsing the fence with water after cleaning, our solutions become inactive, meaning no damage was done to the surface, and the process was environmentally safe. (click on the link to learn more about our environmental policies and accreditation)

Just by looking at the photos, it is easy to see the result speaks for itself.

The surface itself looks to have had a mini-makeover in the process, not unlike our building cleaning service!