Removing graffiti from shady signage saved by Graffiti Eaters

Large commercial projects often become the target of widespread graffiti attacks as they create a dominant visual presence in the community and give the vandals exactly what they want – recognition from their peers for their criminal acts.

We recently worked on a major building construction site removing graffiti from a variety of surfaces, including the removal of graffiti from shadecloth and facade cleaning on building walls to ensure they were able to reduce ongoing graffiti removal costs and also a reduction in vandalism to the general area.

Graffiti removal at construction sites in heavily populated areas requires specialised treatment and expert knowledge as poor graffiti removal can quite easily damage the image or reputation of a commercial venture or project and create damage to the surface involved. Both types of damage can be difficult, if not impossible to restore.

That is why it is highly recommended to remove graffiti quickly and professionally to decrease the chances of repeat offenders and maintain the clean image of your business.

Temporary fencing and semi-permanent structures are usually erected at these work sites to provide both security for the asset and safety for both their workers and the general public.

The sad fact is that these sites act as a blank canvas for graffiti vandals looking to spread their tags and is an ongoing pain point for developers, owners and tenants who have to live with the ugly eyesore of graffiti on a daily basis.