Graffiti encourages graffiti and why you should remove graffiti quickly.

Graffiti quickly spreads if it’s not managed and controlled. The reality is that graffiti vandals only graffiti for recognition amongst their peers. If you take this recognition away, with rapid removal, the site gets known amongst gangs as not being one worth hitting. Paint is expensive to buy and not easy to obtain, so vandals don’t like to waste it.

If you let graffiti build up however, it quickly spreads to other surfaces. Generally one vandal won’t target and cover the work of someone else out of respect. So they target the next available area that they think won’t be removed to quickly. If you want to win the battle, GET IT OFF quickly and with out trace and send the clear message that it is not tolerated on your asset. You will win!

The Graffiti Eaters have been successful in maintaining graffiti free buildings all around Australia with our rapid removal and professional restoration programs

Just make sure that any strategy you adopt, doesn’t encourage graffiti vandals. Professional looking orderly signs for instance are better then using graffiti to try and reduce graffiti!