Paint Spill Creates Urgent Salvage Operation
Paint spills, whether the result of malicious vandalism or an accident – like a truck overturning, spread quickly and if not handled efficiently can cause severe environmental damage.
In the recent example of paint spill cleaning to the left, the cause of the leakage was a faulty storage bladder inside a large steel container. The paint cleanup had to be achieved quickly but also with extreme caution so as to recover the vast quantity of expensive paint that remained.
Paint Spill Containment and Clean up

Accidental paint spills such as this one unfortunately do happen frequently and can cause expensive environmental damage & embarrassment to company reputations. It is important that they are professionally managed and dealt with correctly and quickly.

The Graffiti Eaters have mobile spill response units that can be mobilised quickly to contain a spill and prevent it spreading and entering sensitive areas like storm water drains.
The ‘Graffiti Eaters’ Proven Paint Removal Process

In dealing with this particular paint spill challenge we followed our time-tested process to ensure the best result for our client. In achieving optimal cleaning and collection performance we:

1. Contained the spill from spreading

2. Stabilised the substance by covering it with an absorbent material designed to soak up and retain it

3. Collected & discharged the spill according to EPA guidelines

4. Applied a series of cleaning solutions to break down the molecular bond of the paint and released it from the surface

5. Washed the surface down with water under pressure and left the area totally clean and free of any contamination

6. Vacuum collected all waste-water to ensure nothing entered a drain or harmed the environment

7. Collected all residual paint that could be salvaged and secured it to return it safely to the client

So… if this ever happens to you, don’t get sweaty palms worrying about damaging the environment and dealing with the EPA, call in the experts to manage it all for you!