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Improve Safety and Traffic Flow By Removing Outdated Paint Line Markings

Directional and safety line markings can quickly become untidy, worn or dated. The results?

  • Parts of the facility look old and tired
  • Potential safety hazards
  • Poor traffic flow leading to near miss accidents

At The Graffiti Eaters, we can remove and replace the faded line markings with new long-lasting line markings that withstand high traffic.

Following your safety and traffic plans, we conduct careful and thorough line mark removal and repaint with the highest quality and longest-lasting coating systems and formulations.

Surface Preparation

The key ingredient to the longevity of any paint system is in the surface preparation.

Unfortunately, many companies will simply place new paint on old paint. We perform the work properly the first time to enhance safety for the long term – and save you money because you won’t have to repaint for several years.

It’s important that the old flaky line marking paint is cleanly removed from the surface and that any contaminants like chewing gum, oil, moss and dirt are extracted from the pores of the surface.

However, you must ensure that when your old lines are removed, the surface is not permanently defaced.

Incorrect techniques can result in irreversible damage occurring.

Use slider above to view before/after images

Use slider above to view before/after images

Correct Application Process

The correct application of line paint is vital. We take into consideration these key factors:

  • Surface moisture levels at application
  • Surface preparation and adhesion
  • Coating quality and life span

Line markings receive serious punishment from heavy vehicles, so it’s vital to use a quality product.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we only use the highest quality line marking paints available that will last for several years.

These paints will make your lines and safety markings easy to see in any conditions.