OHS & Environmentally Friendly Professional Graffiti Removal Stain Eaters & Graffiti Eaters

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Do you want a price to remove graffiti NOW and book it in to be removed promptly!

We are the first in this industry to offer this breakthrough service. We have researched and compared prices with our competitors to give you the best price available for our service and results. You can organise 3 quotes from 3 different companies, waiting for Technicians to turn up (on time) or you can be rest assured that the price here is competitive in the marketplace.

The Graffiti Eaters offer a complete electronic - 24hr a day service to price your graffiti removal jobs and book them in.

The online price is inclusive of travel, equipment, labour and chemicals. Removal during normal hours apply and price subject to being in our current service area for promotions bring Metro areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Adelaide, additional areas may incur a travel fee. As you can appreciate graffiti removal is an art in itself.

Depending on the nature of the stain, removal can be more difficult then anticipated. In addition to this the nature of the substrate and its condition can also be a factor in removal.

That's why before any graffiti is removed, tests are carried out to determine the best procedure to remove it.

If our Technicians believe the removal of the graffiti will take longer than anticipated due to the nature of the stain/ porosity of the surface or the underlying surface may be damaged or any other unknown situations you will be contacted prior to work commencing.

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Remember leaving Graffiti not only attracts more Graffiti but also reflects your image!


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