Franchise Opportunity

There are many advantages of a mobile franchise over a fixed premises franchise.

No Leases – With no fixed premises to lease you save high rents, expensive fit out costs and issues with franchisee value depending on lease term remaining.

Territory – With Mobile you have a territory with boundaries that is all yours, you don’t have to wait for sales to walk into your shop, you can go out and find them.

Freedom – With mobile, you set your daily schedule, the pace and the hours you work. It creates flexibility to fit around family commitments. Obviously, you’re not going to make much if you spend your time at the beach! As with any business, you only get out of it as much as the hard work you put into it! The more lifestyle time you take, the less financial reward you can expect.

Customer service can really be used as a tool to keep your customers coming back. Make sure you are on time, present well and fully equipped.

Cheaper to buy into.

Home office provides additional tax benefits for claiming expenses.

Home office makes it easier to fit admin tasks in around family commitments.

Cloud technology makes it easier than ever before to manage the admin functions during the day while on the road, freeing up after hours time. Make sure you invest in a system that invests heavily in technology and innovation.

Easier, cheaper and quicker to expand and put on extra vehicles to grow then try and find property to lease.

Outdoor scenery, different view every day.

Marketing – Regardless of what your franchisor is doing for lead generation, as a mobile business, you have to take responsibility for getting your business in front of potential clients within your area. The most effective way of achieving this is by expanding your network, developing your contact base and providing the best customer service.