Roller doors are often a target for graffiti and in most instances, if the door is in good condition we are able to remove the graffiti and save the door. Roller doors can be made from colourbond, galvanised steel, zincalume or aluminium when on vehicles. All can be successfully cleaned.
In this instance our corporate client wanted to change his corporate colours so he requested that we refinish the surface of his roller door with a quality metal surface coating incorporating anti graffiti properties to make future graffiti attacks easier, quicker and cheaper to clean.

The roller door was degreased, thoroughly cleaned and prepared for it’s new surface coating which was sprayed to achieve the best surface finish possible.
When doors are old and scratched and the paint has oxidised or is peeling off we can give it a new lease of life with the Graffiti Eaters surface coating treatment.

The Graffiti Eaters teams nationally have several different types of spray painting systems to suit all painting requirements from HVLP, Airless, Compressed Air and electrostatic painting which is ideal for rejuvinating old powder coated surfaces.