Maintenance Agreements

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Would You Like to Pass Your Graffiti Problem on to Someone Else.

Can you even begin to imagine what it would be like to :-

  1. sell the risk of graffiti attacks to someone else for them to handle.
  2. have a program in existence that is tailor made to reducing the long term graffiti attack on your property.
  3. know 12 months in advance exactly what your graffiti budget will be for the next 12 months and pay for it on a monthly basis.
  4. not lose time continually organising contractors throughout the year.
  5. know with 100 % confidence that your property is maintained permanently graffiti free by professionals who are Quality Assured and have over 35 years experience.

You’re thinking, sure that would be fantastic, but who would be mad enough to take on my problems!

Well ... We would!

The Graffiti Eaters developed this program twenty five years ago as a result of an extensive research program into both the ’’wishes’’ of our customers and the psychology of the graffiti vandal.

We can tailor a program for you with each of the above advantages for the following reasons: -

  1. We are the most qualified and have the greatest experience at handling the ’’A to Z’’ of graffiti vandalism problems.
  1. From our research we know how the vandal thinks, the type and location of buildings he/she hits and how to totally destroy their drive and motivation.
  1. Since we can estimate the risk involved we can give you a fixed quotation 12 months in advance for maintaining your buildings graffiti free.
  1. Since the risk is now ours and not yours, you are assured of the most prompt service as it is in our interest to prevent "copy cat" vandals attacking the building.
  1. Maintenance programs allow us to maximise the use of our staff and equipment by managing a bulk order operation. This means that we can slot your program in with our existing clients, which greatly reduces your costs.

It really does just make sense doesn’t it !

Shires, councils, schools and shopping centres that currently use our maintenance program are astounded as to how much simpler, less frustrating and more economical the program is. Their experience with the maintenance program over time has been that the incidences of graffiti attacks on their buildings decreases.

So exactly how does the program work?

It’s simple..!

  1. You arrange an appointment with us to meet at your building and analyse the extent of the graffiti.
  2. We advise you on preventative measures to take and agree on exactly what surfaces are to be included in the program.
  3. We then analyse the risk and quote you a monthly fee to inspect your building and remove any graffiti on the agreed surfaces. The monthly inspection will be set to occur on a particular date each month.
  4. You agree to provide access to the agreed services between 7am and 5pm, and to pay the agreed monthly fee within 14 days of receipt of the invoice.
  5. Any large ‘’hits’’ of graffiti that you get in between the monthly inspections only requires one phone call to us to have it corrected.
  6. At the end of 12 months we reassess the risk to your building and agree to a new monthly fee with you for the next 12 months. Experience shows that in most cases we have been successful in reducing the incidences of graffiti and therefore your investment will be reduced.

What a Fantastic concept to solve your problem!