Graffiti Removal the Environmental Way

Protecting Our Environment is Important to Everyone.

Graffiti eaters, Graffiti removal, Graffiti coatings, Anti graffiti, Remove graffitiThe Graffiti Eaters is an Environmentally Accredited organisation and with every job site we are on, we are very conscience of protecting our environment.

The job shown above involved a request to remove graffiti from a difficult to clean sandstone block wall right on the banks of a river.

An environmental risk assessment was completed and it was identified that the walk way was made of timber planks that would allow water from cleaning operations to leech into the river.

As part of our standard practice we devised a tray to hold the waste water as it fell from the wall and then it was vacuum collected into containers and transported off site for environmentally approved processing.Water Conservation is also factored into the cleaning operations we perform.
The operation was completed very successfully with no waste water entering the water way.

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