Graffiti Removal Sydney

As Australia’s first graffiti removal company, we have held a long established presence in Sydney. If you’re a property owner or manager, you’re most likely motivated to keep it looking it’s best and remove graffiti and other forms of vandalism quickly.

When graffiti isn’t acted upon, it attracts further acts of vandalism. However, when graffiti removal is conducted within 24-48 hours, it sends a clear message to the perpetrators that it’s not worth their time or risk.

To provide you with timely graffiti removal, our Sydney locations include:

  • Horningsea Park
  • Prospect
  • Harrington Park
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Our Sydney graffiti removal clients

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Body Corporate

graffiti removal sydney apartments

Much of Sydney’s residential properties in body corporate managed apartments, which are often targeted by graffiti vandals, due to their expansive wall space. These areas are often easily accessible and not always visible.

Body corporates are motivated to arrange graffiti removal quickly. Property owners are concerned about their apartment values and rental income potential. Residents wish to discourage criminal presence and further anti-social behaviour such as broken windows and theft.

As is important in all forms of graffiti removal, we avoid using abrasive methods such as sanding, chiseling or using harsh chemicals containing bleach or muriatic acid. This often results in damage to bricks, crumbling of mortar and white shadow-like marks. Our engineers have developed formulations which draw the graffiti out of the surface

We provide body corporates across Sydney with urgent graffiti removal services. This work is often conducted at heights, therefore we have access to scaffolding and scissor lifts to conduct this work effectively. To manage risk, we are licensed to perform traffic and pedestrian management.


Electricity Networks

graffiti removal Sydney electricity network

Electricity networks have an expansive network of assets to maintain throughout Sydney. These are mostly unmanned and easily accessible for graffiti vandals. Craig, our graffiti removal expert in Sydney’s south-west, works with electricity networks, which don’t have the time or expertise to perform such tasks.

Graffiti Removal from vehicles

graffiti removal sydney from car

Who in their right mind would drive around with graffiti on their vehicle? Business vehicles often receive graffiti from dissatisfied clients or vandals who saw the side of a truck or van as a moving blank canvas for their tags.

Vehicles are so important in an expansive city like Sydney. Most business owners can’t afford to have their vehicles off the road for long. We provide urgent graffiti removal services to get your vehicle back on the road.

As our graffiti removal methods are not abrasive, there’s no risk of your paintwork becoming damaged.

You won’t even know the vandalism had occurred!

Graffiti Removal from Residential Property

graffiti removal sydney sandstone wall

It was a pleasure to rid this beautiful inner-Sydney home of its graffiti vandalism. This property had graffiti on a sandstone fence, which requires extreme care and precision.

Sandstone is a highly porous material which soaks paint deep beyond the surface. The owner of course was concerned about fence being potentially stained or disfigured by the incident.

Our specialised cleaning formulations and non-abrasive techniques ensured the sandstone surface was fully restored to its original condition.

Your Local Sydney Graffiti Removal Technicians

Craig Cavanagh

graffiti removal sydney specialist


Craig and his wife Katie are locals of the Camden area, and are passionate about looking after their community. Craig performs graffiti removal for businesses throughout Sydney, as well as apartment complexes, banks, schools and has recently formed a partnership with the Sutherland Shire Council.

With a background in engineering, Craig has a practical, problem-solving approach and a keen eye for detail - traits which are highly valuable when it comes to graffiti removal!