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Graffiti Removal and Management

Before & After Graffiti Removal on a Commercial Property


We have processes to remove the A to Z of graffiti vandalism, from every imaginable surface. We are also able to advise and apply anti-graffiti coating solutions to reduce your ongoing budget.


Line marking removal

By drawing on many of the same principles and techniques that help with graffiti removal, the graffiti eaters are also fully equipped to provide line marking removal services.

This includes:

  • OH&S Traffic Management - to ensure a safe working environment for all.
  • Waste Water Management- as an Environmental ISO certified organisation, we take care of our precious resources.
  • Removal of old lines using chemical and high water pressure techniques.
  • Repainting new lines using Dulux rubber chlorinated paint

We do it right the first time, to ensure a long-lasting result that is highly visible, ensuring safe, optimised traffic flow.

For more information on our line mark removal services,visit our line marking pageBefore & After Line Mark Removal in Shopping Centre Car Park

Line marking removal from basement carpark before and after

Oil stain removal

Stains can form for numerous reasons on or around shopping centre exteriors. Our proprietary stain removal methods carry over to just about anything - our motto is 'You Want it Off, We'll Get it Off' for this reason.

Oil Stain Removal - car parks and loading bays are notorious for oil stains, which can be difficult to remove if not treated properly. The Graffiti Eaters use a special mix of proven solutions to extract oil stains and return the surface to like-new condition.

Food Stain Removal - Stains from certain foods can be very tricky to eliminate, but are no match for our eco-friendly chemicals and high-pressure water techniques.

Paint Spills - Paint stains and graffiti removal can sometimes be mutually exclusive - but thankfully we can use the same techniques on either to restore the surface.

Biological Stain Removal - Yes, we can remove those stains and odours you would rather not talk about.

Before & After Oil Stain Removal on Commercial Property

Chewing gum removal from pavement

Chewing gum leaves unsightly blotches on your pavement, which tend to multiply in no time at all. Removing chewing gum via traditional methods is a slow and demanding process, but The Graffiti Eaters use hot water under pressure to quickly melt and dissolve chewing gum, which also cleans pavements and footpaths at the same time, resulting in a clean surface.

In order to ensure a safe, environmentally sound work site, The Graffiti Eaters can organise:

  • Pedestrian Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Footpath Closure Permits
  • Waste Water Management

Pavement Cleaning

Over time, concrete gets covered in moss, mould, algae, chewing gum, as well as stains from many different sources. When these factors build up, walkways can become considerably slippery, resulting in not only an undesirable appearance, but also a safety hazard.

Given that pavement areas are usually quite large, The Graffiti Eaters have a perfect time and water saving solution for pavement cleaning, by using water-conscious high-pressure equipment that doesn't leave cleaning lines behind after the surface dries out.

Before & After Chewing Gum Removal

Visit our pavement cleaning page for more information

Bill poster removal

Bill Poster Removal Before & After on Commercial Property

Poster Removal - For when you would rather have a clean and inviting image, rather than know when the local band is playing. We can take care of poster removal - glue and tape residue included!

Facade Cleaning

Before & After Facade Cleaning

Your building exterior is the first thing that potential customers see, so it is imperative to make a good first impression by creating a clean and inviting atmosphere from the onset. The Graffiti Eaters are called in daily to restore buildings to their former glory. Depending on the substrate, and type of stain, the graffiti eaters will determine the best method to clean your building facade to improve your image.

Our service covers:

  • Scaffolding and Elevated Work Platforms.
  • All local permits for road and footpath closures, and the safe covering of power lines.
  • Licensed Technicians to operate elevated work platforms.
  • Expert consultation.
  • Adherence to local water regulations.
  • Documentation and management of OH&S risks.

If you have an audit on the horizon or are just after regular maintenance of your building exterior, look no further than the Graffiti Eaters

Shade cloth - shade sail cleaning

Shade sails are a visually appealing method of keeping your customers cool and happy in summer. Due to the pits in the surface, however, they can also be a magnet for dirt and grime. They can also become makeshift bird houses overnight.

As material can be easily damaged through traditional cleaning methods, The Graffiti eaters have developed a delicate system to clean and restore shade sails to their original condition (excluding any sun fading).

A clean shade sail will create a clean image and an inviting atmosphere to your centre's car park or outside food court

Before & After Shade Sail Cloth Cleaning
Shade cloth - shade sail cleaning before and after

Delicate signage cleaning

Modern signage uses a lot of acrylic surfaces, which generally do not respond well to traditional cleaning methods.

Our trained Surface Restoration Technicians (SRTs) will always test an unknown surface before commencing work, to ensure the best cleaning method is used, that will not damage a delicate surface.

Delicate signage is becoming more frequent around shopping complexes, rest assured, graffiti on this type of surface is no match for the Graffiti Eaters!

Delicate Signage Before & After Cleaning
Delicate signage cleaning before and after

Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance Agreements allow you to take the risk out of your graffiti and stain removal requirements. They allow you to customise a package to suit your needs and agree on a total monthly cost based on the contract. This way, the risk of graffiti and stain removal has been purchased by us, and we will maintain your assets based on the agreement, no matter the scope of any jobs that may arise.

As there are many facets to maintaining a Shopping Center's professional image, The Graffiti Eaters can offer the following services to ensure your premises stay clean and inviting:

As our name suggests, The Graffiti Eaters are the professionals when it comes to graffiti removal and management, but we can also assist you with the following services.

Book an appointment with The Graffiti Eaters to discuss your requirements, contact us today.

As the first Graffiti and Stain removal experts in Australia, The Graffiti Eaters have over 35 years experience and use advanced market-leading technologies to ensure that graffiti is completely removed. We'll get stains out of hard surfaces quickly, for a great price and incredible results.

The Graffiti Eaters hold the prestigious status of being the first graffiti removal company to attain international ISO rating standards, and currently still holds these for:

For peace of mind, we are also covered by a $20 million public insurance liability policy.

8 Reasons To Choose The Graffiti Eaters

  1. We are the market leader in Graffiti Removal with over 35 years experience. As the first dedicated graffiti removal company in Australia, we know more, and can remove more than the other companies.
  2. All jobs are comprehensively tested to determine the best removal method so your property remains undamaged in the process. All work is conducted to ISO9001 Quality standards.
  3. Our methods are fully approved by all authorities. We love the environment and have successfully performed many delicate environmental clean-up jobs required after industrial accidents. (We are fully Environmentally certified to ISO 14001)
  4. You are protected by a $20 million Public Liability Policy.
  5. We are fully OH&S certified to AS4801: A full Risk Assessment is conducted on ALL jobs to ensure your property is cleaned safely and properly. No Shortcuts!
  6. Our specially designed, purpose-built Surface Restoration Vehicles are tailor-made to ensure we can safely remove graffiti and stains that others can't! Labour costs can be cut by 45% over the industry average. We'll get it off super fast!
  7. Cutting-edge proprietary cleaning solutions and extensive Research and Development mean that we can remove graffiti without damaging your wall. Experience counts in this field. Don't make a costly mistake!
  8. Extensive experience in treating every type of spill/stain/mark the universe can throw at us! Over 35 years experience means that we've seen your problem before; if you have a stain on a hard surface, we know how to fix it, fast.

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