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Investing in an anti-graffiti coating could save you hundreds of dollars a year in graffiti removal costs.

We recommend professional application of anti graffiti coatings to ensure that wall moisture levels, mixing ratios and micron film thicknesses are correct to give the coating its best chance of a long life.

However if you have painting experience and understand the basics about coating thickness then you may want to apply a coating yourself.

We offer two coating technology types in our DIY range:

Sacrificial Coatings

These are acrylic based coatings that seal a substrate and stop graffiti penetrating into it. When the graffiti is removed, the coating also comes away requiring the substrate to be re-coated. In other words, the coating works once!

Long Life Coatings

Are solvent based and also seal a substrate. During the removal process the coating remains intact, allowing it to be cleaned numerous times.

Graffiti Eater Sacrificial

Low sheen appearance acrylic based (safe to apply) coverage 6m2/Lt/coat.

2 Coats required. Recoat, when graffiti removed and every 4 years.

1 lt: $23
4 lt: $75
20 lt: $323

MSDA / Datasheet

Graffiti Eater Long Life

High Gloss appearance Coverage 6m2/Lt/coat Solvent Based. (applied by approved applicators)

2 Coats required. Recoat every 10 years.

11.25 lt: $471

MSDA / Datasheet

Graffiti Eater Coating Thinners

Used to wash up spray equipment after applying GE longlife coating

20 lt: $287