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Fast Spill Response for your Business or Home

Paint removal can be difficult to conduct WITHOUT causing damage to the surface underneath!

  • We meet all OH&S, Environmental and local regulations.
  • Your building is restored back to original without damage to your surfaces.
  • Your budget is kept intact!

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Dear Building Owner / Property Manager:

You're reading this because you're serious about maintaining the exterior of your home, school or commercial property. You understand the concept of getting it right the first time and fully appreciate the benefits of ensuring your building isn't permanently scared.

At The Graffiti Eaters, in addition to providing state-of-the-art graffiti removal, we provide many of Australia's top commercial property owners with paint and ink spill cleaning services.

We've cleaned many of Australia's prime historical buildings to restore them back after a vandal attack.

We are the first and oldest graffiti and stain removal experts in Australia. For 35 years, we've been using the most advanced stain and graffiti removal technology available. All Graffiti Eaters Technicians undergo a rigorous one-year training program.


Graffiti Eaters

Paint & Ink Spills

Paint spills, whether the result of malicious vandalism or an accident - like a truck overturning, spread quickly and if not handled efficiently can cause environmental damage.

The techniques we employ to solve paint and ink spills are chemically based. By breaking down the base of the paint or ink, we can chemically suspend it, draw it from the substrate and vacuum collect the residue. Even the most difficult types of dyes have been successfully cleaned up using this process.

Paint Spill Containment and cleanup

enviro_pic1Accidental liquid spills do unfortunately happen and can cause extensive environmental damage & embarrassment to company reputations.

It is important that they are professionally managed and dealt with correctly and quickly. The Graffiti Eaters have mobile spill response units that can be mobilised quickly to contain a spill and prevent it spreading and entering sensitive areas like storm water drains.

The Process

The process involves containing the spill from spreading then stabilise the substance by covering it with an absorbent material designed to soak up and retain it.

The absorbent material is then collected & discharged according to EPA guidelines.

A series of cleaning solutions are then applied to the spilt liquid to break down its molecular bond and release it from the surface.

The final step in the process is to wash the surface down with water under pressure and leave the area totally clean and free of any contamination.

All waste water is vacuum collected to ensure nothing enters a drain or harms the environment.

So if this ever happens to you, don't get sweaty palms worrying about damaging the environment and dealing with the EPA, call in the experts to manage it all for you!

Regardless of the location, our Surface Restoration Technicians can manage pedestrians and vehicles, footpath closure permits and waste water to get your surfaces restored with minimal inconvenience.

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We clean and restore:

Aluminium, Bluestone, Brass, Brick Work, Canopies and Veranda's, Canvas Shade Sails, Colourbond, Concrete and Acrylic Render, Concrete Tilt Slab, Galvanising, Granite, Paintwork, Perspex Skylights, Sandstone, Signage, Stainless Steel, Terracotta, Zincalume

Case study

Vandal attacks come in a variety of forms from paint thrown over buildings to oil and other chemicals that are used to do the most possible damage. The Graffiti Eaters see this form of Vandalism on a daily basis, so over 35 years we have gained a lot of experience at cleaning this mess up. This example shows a series of graffiti attacks over a brick painted building facade.

Graffiti eaters, Graffiti removal, Graffiti coatings, Anti graffiti, Remove graffiti Graffiti eaters, Graffiti removal, Graffiti coatings, Anti graffiti, Remove graffiti


The vandalism attack is in this case resulted in paint over a variety of surfaces including apricot, red and cream bricks, concrete, colour bond, painted steel, glass and timber.

All the waste generated during the job was removed off site and processed in accordance with EPA requirements. Leaking paint tins left behind by vandals, wet undried paint and waste water from the cleaning operations were all dealt with to ensure no harm to the nearby creek. Stock in a storeroom behind the outside windows was also managed by our team to ensure that no further damage was sustained from the clean-up.

Our comprehensive paint spill removal service also includes:

  • Individual stain Identification and expert consultation.
  • All local permits for road and footpath closures.
  • Licensed experienced Technicians.
  • Fast, custom built truck mounted equipment
  • Advice of surface sealing options to make future cleaning easy
  • Documentation and management of OH&S risks.

Graffiti eaters, Graffiti removal, Graffiti coatings, Anti graffiti, Remove graffiti

Avoid this Common Mistake and Save Time, Hassle, and Money

Every week, we receive calls from building owners who have trusted the cleaning of their property exterior to the lowest quote they could find. The results have been disastrous and the property owner or manager calls us to repair the damage. The property owner ends up paying twice for the work - when a call to The Graffiti Eaters could have sorted all the exterior issues quickly and for a sensible rate.

The building cleaning industry is not fully regulated and there are unscrupulous characters doing very average work in an unsafe manner. These photos illustrate the type of shoddy work we often have to repair.

7 Reasons to Choose Graffiti Eaters for your paint spill clean up task

  1. Highly trained professionals. The most experienced and highly-trained cleaning experts and specialists in Australia - so your buildings exterior is in good hands. We employ Mechanical Engineers who scientifically determine how to clean buildings.
  2. Our trained Technicians have graduated from our intensive 12 month University of Graffitiology training program.
  3. All the right equipment and the latest technology to ensure your building is cleaned properly the first time without damage.
  4. You'll meet all local regulations...comply with environmental rules PLUS we get all the permits and documentation and manage the OH&S risks.
  5. Save Money. Our experience, chemical technology and extraction equipment will get the job done quickly, saving your back pocket.
  6. Maintain and improve asset value by keeping your building exterior clean and free of ugly Graffiti.
  7. Fast service. We have emergency service for immediate needs plus we provide graffiti removal and anti graffiti coating services as quickly as possible - but safely.
  8. Fully insured. Use a fly-by-night outfit and you can be liable for surface damage. Don't take this risk.

You are also protected by our qualifications:

The Graffiti Eaters Rock-Solid Guarantee - We Get It Right the First Time

Graffiti eaters, Graffiti removal, Graffiti coatings, Anti graffiti, Remove graffiti

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