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Graffiti Removal is a tricky business.

Should I remove the graffiti quickly?

The fresher graffiti is, the easier and cheaper it is to remove. Graffiti can get baked onto substrates via the suns ultraviolet rays making it more difficult to break down. To deter graffiti vandals from hitting your wall further, and to ensure the greatest removal success, you are best to remove the graffiti as early as possible (48 hrs).

What can go wrong?

If you are not careful with the service provider you select to work on your building, you could end up with more problems after removal than you started with!

Unfortunately, this industry is not regulated so there are some unscrupulous characters doing very average work in an unsafe manner.

If graffiti is incorrectly removed, then you may also have ongoing issues with salt deposits, rising damp and premature brick crumbling, and in the worst circumstances, structural failure.

When graffiti is sprayed onto your masonry walls like brick, concrete, sandstone and granite it penetrates and soaks deep into the surface, like ink into chalk!


It takes a highly-skilled Surface Restoration Technician with experience and patience to draw it out with the right technology without eroding or degrading the original surface.

Best Removal Technique?

Any abrasive method to remove graffiti like sand blasting or the use of scourers or excessively high water pressure will damage the surface. The best method to remove graffiti with out damaging the surface is chemically. By chemically breaking down the molecular bonds within the graffiti, drawing it to the surface and rinsing it with water under pressure, the graffiti can be removed with out any substrate damage taking place. It works superbly on masonry surfaces like brickwork and concrete.


Secret is experience and research & development!


Different graffiti paints are constantly being developed, vandals are using different methods of applying it and building companies are using new man made composites in the construction of buildings all the time. To get the best results possible on your building, in the most efficient time, you need to use a company that has decades of experience and invests in R&D to stay on top of the challenges. The level of training, the quality of the equipment and the experience of technicians is critical to the result you will receive.

Results you can expect!


A quality result means no surface pitting, no mortar wash out, no paint residue left in mortar joints, no chemical burning and no shadows left on the face of brick work.

Make sure you are legally covered!

You are legally responsible for the contractors that you engage on your site. If they cause an accident or infringe regulations, they will get into trouble…. But so will you! There are real risks associated with removing graffiti. Surface damage, waste water pollution management, electrical risks, over spray, chemical handling, height work and pedestrian management. As a minimum, make sure the company you engage has $20 Million public liability cover insurance, work cover insurance, Quality Management Accreditation to ISO9001, OH&S accreditation to AS4801 and Environmental Accreditation to ISO14001. If they do – YOU are covered from every angle!

Get an online price right NOW!

So what does quality graffiti removal for up to 2 sqm cost I hear you ask? Well, to travel to site in a custom built vehicle, conduct an onsite OH&S risk assessment, setup the protective barriers, take before and after photographs for tag recognition, test a range of products to determine the best option, apply the cleaning solutions, pressure clean the wall to neutralize, manage the waste water, pack up and clean the equipment and complete an invoice….the process will take around 2 hrs and the investment is around $198.00 inc gst

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Learn more about future prevention options.

To help prevent your ongoing exposure to graffiti vandalism, we have prepared an ebook that details from our experience what works in preventing graffiti attacks.

Your other option is protecting your property with a quality anti graffiti coating that prevents the graffiti penetrating deeply into surfaces making removal quicker and hence cheaper. 

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