Be Careful Who You Engage!
Be careful who you trust to work on your valuable properties.

You could end up with more problems after removal than you started with!

Our industry is not regulated like a plumber or electrician, you must do your homework to determine who has the experience to solve your graffiti problem.

Unscrupulous characters doing very average work are out there.

We are regularly called in after other contractors to try and repair damage they have done.

Graffiti removal, what can go wrong?

Incorrect chemical use can burn, bleach and acid etch surfaces
Incorrect pressure cleaning can damage mortar joints and gouge soft stones like sandstone
Water can enter your building damaging stock, carpets and floor boards
Abrasive blasting techniques can permanently pit even the hardest of bricks, causing later issues with rising damp and salt deposits.
Unsafe work practices by inexperienced laborers can quickly lead to Liability claims

When brick, delicate stones and concrete walls are damaged by incorrect chemical selection and incorrect pressure cleaning techniques, the only way to fix the wall is knock out the bricks and replace them!


You will also have ongoing issues with salt deposits, rising damp and premature brick crumbling and structural failure for years to come!

When graffiti is sprayed onto your masonry walls like brick, concrete, sandstone and granite it penetrates and soaks deep into the surface like ink into chalk!

It takes a highly skilled technician with experience and patience to draw it out with the right technology and not erode or degrade the original surface.

Here is an example of the difference in work quality between the average contractor and the Graffiti Eaters with our 35 plus years of experience and advanced leading restoration technology.

We were called in by a new client after their building was left stained and shadowed to see what we could do to fix the problem.