Graffiti off Vehicles

OHS & Environmentally Friendly Professional Graffiti Removal Stain Eaters & Graffiti Eaters

What happens when a thoughtless vandal strikes and you need graffiti off your truck, fast?

It's a well-known fact that truck drivers of all sizes are the backbone of our country making sure our parcels and freight reach their destinations on time.

It's enough work keeping the vehicles on the road with routine maintenance but what happens when a reckless vandal puts graffiti on your prized rig, truck, van or even car!

Unexpected downtime putting you off the road and worse affecting the image of your business in the community and to your customers.

Graffiti Eaters will get you back on the road fast!

We will come to you in our trucks that are custom built by Graffiti Eaters to handle the situation fast; putting you back on the road in no time and helping protect your reputation with your clients and the community.

Graffiti Removal - TrucksGreat results achieved by The Graffiti Eaters

The above photos show successful graffiti removal off a truck body by the team at Graffiti Eaters.

After a thoughtless graffiti vandal tagged this truck, a quick call to the team at Graffiti Eaters and we had the driver back on the road quickly so he could continue to meet his customer deadlines.

As specialised paint cleaning and graffiti removal experts, the team at Graffiti Eaters understand how important it is for you to stay on the road. We have tailor made solutions to meet your needs, from Book Now, Quick Quote and our Formal Quote option, we will work with you to meet your tight timelines and quickly remove the graffiti off your truck, van, car or even train.

Time is of the essence, the longer you wait, the more costly and difficult it is to remove the graffiti from your vehicle.  Call us today for your free quote on 1300 305 307 and don't let the Graffiti vandals win or stop you from earning your living.