Unfortunately these kinds of media reports work in the favour of the graffiti vandal.

As a society we must be clear on what the rules are that we all must live by. This type of debate just motivates and fuels graffiti vandals.

The definition of graffiti is: “writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or

sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.”

It is not art, it is illegal activity! Businesses incur hundreds if not thousands of dollars in expense every Monday morning trying to maintain their corporate image and provide a secure environment for their customers to purchase. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, that should not even enter the debate.

Often due to its offensive nature, graffiti causes our public transport system to cancel services and public amenities to be closed down, which affects our efficiency as a community. It has a negative psychological impact on the community and leads to more serious crime.

Governments spend millions of dollars a year trying to educate the community on what’s right and wrong, in order to create a society that represents the thinking of the majority. Suggesting some graffiti is OK because it looks pretty causes a grey area in mindset which then clouds the boundaries and waters down the efforts of these education programs.

I have seen firsthand, suburbs out of control with graffiti and it’s dangerous. Think about waking up one morning and finding your car, house and suburb graffitied on every surface, your front fence, letterbox, footpath, power poles and the tree in the front lawn and even the lawn! Your concerned to take your young kids off to school because there are swear words on the garage door and a rude image on the driveway. Before you can drive your car to work you have to remove spray paint off your windscreen. Your wife is concerned to walk for exercise on dusk because all the street lighting has been covered by spray paint. The street signs indicating safety messages have been modified or covered over with paint which causes driver confusion and minor vehicle accidents.

My team at The Graffiti Eaters deal with the hurt, intimidation and frustration caused by graffiti vandalism nationally around Australia on a daily basis. It can happen to your suburb in the blink of an eye. If our councils, schools and corporate businesses didn’t dedicate the resources they do, Australia would not look as good as it does right now.
I urge the media to quit the ‘art’ debate, it is crippling years of progress in youth education. Graffiti is a criminal activity full stop. We need to send this clear message to our youth and channel any one who thinks they have talent with a spray can, to study art and enter competitions in order to be recognised and secure for themselves a future career that can utilise those skills!