Professional Graffiti Cleaning Products


All Rounder A solvent based graffiti removal agent that has been formulated to break down spray paints, texta pens, liquid paper, crayons, etc. It is suitable for use on colourbond steel, car duco, painted gloss enamel doors, galvanised steel, aluminium, anti graffiti coatings, powder coating and glass. This product is not suitable for use on plastics.
Fabric A graffiti removal solvent used to remove graffiti from fabrics, upholstery and carpet. The product also performs well removing oil, grease and chewing gum residue.
Masonry A user friendly blend of organic solvents designed to remove graffiti from masonry building surfaces like brick, concrete, tiles, sandstone, granite, bluestone and marble. It is capable of removing graffiti caused by all types of enamel paint, leather dyes and acrylic paints. Graffiti Eater Masonry also contains special fragrances to ensure minimal disruption to the general public.
Soft A user friendly solution designed to remove certain types of graffiti from all types of delicate surfaces like signs, plastics and perspex. Graffiti Eater Soft contains none of the Haz-Chem chemicals usually found in paint removers and is completely free of hazardous chemicals. It has a pleasant scent, which makes it suitable for use in occupied areas in buildings where members of the public are present.
Ghost Graffiti Eater Ghost is a user friendly solution, designed to remove deep ingrained graffiti stains and shadows from all types of building surfaces caused by paint, leather dyes and texta pens. It contains none of the Haz-Chem chemicals usually found in paint removers. Graffiti Eater Ghost works slowly to break down any remaining pigment from graffiti shadows. It is applied after Graffiti Eater All Rounder, Graffiti Eater Soft and Graffiti Eater Masonry to remove any remaining shadows
Neutraliser A neutralising chemical designed to wash down surfaces cleaned by the Graffiti Eater range of chemicals. It ensures that the surface is left free of any chemical residue.


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All Rounder 1/4/20 Ltrs $31.00 / $104.00 / $397.00 datasheet
Fabric 1/4/20 Ltrs

$31.00 /   $88.00 / $380.00

Masonry 1/4/20 Ltrs $31.00 / $112.00 / $514.00 datasheet
Soft 1/4/20 Ltrs $30.00 / $85.00 / $369.00 datasheet
Ghost 1/4/20 Ltrs $31.00 / $88.00 / $380.00 datasheet
Neutraliser 1/4/20 Ltrs $17.50 / $44.00 / $100.00 datasheet

Additional products not found in Professional First Aid Kit

Odour Eater Graffiti Eater Odour Eater is a neutralising chemical designed to neutralise the contaminated surface and work as an air freshener that masks the source of the odour.
  1/4/20 ltrs $39.00 / $126.00 / $541.00 datasheet

Special blend designed to cling to street signage and remove common

varieties of graffiti without damaging the reflective qualities.

  1/4/20 ltrs $31.00 / $112.00 / $514.00  datasheet