Concrete & Factory Floor Sealing

Industrial Strength Concrete and Factory Floor Coating

  • Concrete Sealing makes cleaning quicker and reduces future maintenance
  • Make the factory easier to sell or lease - if you're selling or leasing.
  • Get the factory ready for production.

Factory interiors take an industrial-grade beating every hour of every day.

Floors receive abrasion traffic from pedestrians, forklifts, chemicals, and daily production. When a tenant moves out or it's time to re-tool, it's the perfect time to fix and refinish floors and walls. If you're leasing the building, the fresh look will make the building more appealing to a potential user.

If you're going to use the building yourself, the refinished floor will make it easier to re-tool and also improve the overall appearance. Our non slip floor coatings will protect your property without feeling like your walking on ice!

At Graffiti Eaters, we have extensive experience fixing, cleaning, and refinishing factory floors.

Before & After Concrete removal

We can remove:

  • Oil,
  • Grease,
  • Dirt Bird droppings,
  • Flaky coatings,
  • And more...

We take these four steps to ensure the work is completed correctly the first time:

  1. We clean your floor chemically.
  2. We pressure wash the floor.
  3. We vacuum collect all debris.
  4. We put down a new protective and decorative industrial strength coating.

Crack repair is also part of the service: We professionally fill chips, low spots, and cracks.

We apply the correct coating based on the type of floor and the type of punishment it will receive. We have extensive experience with coatings ranging from polyurethane through to epoxies, enamel, and acrylic. We have non slip coatings that you can live with on a day-to day basis.

The end result? A fresh new look with better light characteristics and a more modern environment.

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We clean and refinish internal walls too.

In addition to restoring factory floors, we can restore factory walls. Detailed pressure cleaning removes cobwebs, oil, dirt, and pollution from building internal walls—giving them a fresh new look.

The Process

We apply coatings via brush, roller, and spray painting to ensure an even coat thickness across the entire surface area.


We conduct adhesion tests on test patches to measure adhesion levels.


We apply floor coatings in a ‘wet on wet' cross hatched pattern to ensure even sheen level across the total surface area.


The final result is a great looking, hard-wearing, durable finish that adds real value to your asset—and makes it easier to lease if you're a landlord.

When you engage our specialised services, you are protected by the following:

To get a speedy quote from Graffiti Eaters, call 1300 305 307 or contact us here.

Rock-Solid TOTAL Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not TOTALLY and COMPLETELY satisfied with our factory refinishing work, we'll return, at our expense, to fix any problems. No questions asked.