Pavement Sealing

Are Your Pavers Looking Tired & Worn?

Paver sealing can breathe new life into your paved driveway or entertainment area!

If the pavers at your home or office have aged and weathered, or were not properly cleaned before sealing, you may have unsightly smudge marks and inconsistent colour.

Pavement Sealing - The Graffiti Eaters

Pavers can look tired, old, and can detract from your property's value. If you have dirty pavers next to your swimming pool, this can look especially bad and cause a slip risk.

We can change everything - this week.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we have extensive experience restoring pavers and the results can be spectacular.

However, restoring pavers to their former glory requires highly specialized skills, techniques, and knowledge. ONLY trust this difficult work to an experienced company like The Graffiti Eaters.

A lot of fly-by-night companies will say they can restore pavers, but ask to see actual results with a test clean.

How we achieved the result in the photo...

  1. We removed the existing sealer by chemically breaking down the molecular structure and extracting the sealer from deep in the paver pores.
  2. We performed a deep clean to remove the salts, mortar, and other stain marks in the pavers and mortar joints.
  3. We carefully applied individual specific proprietary cleaning solutions and used different techniques for each stain type.
  4. We then applied a new quality sealer that was tailor designed to suit the paver type, age, desired appearance and traffic load.

The homeowner now enjoys brick pavers that look like new. With periodic cleaning, the restored pavers will look this way for at least 5 years.

We can restore pavers made from just about any material including sandstone - which can be especially difficult to clean and restore.

Get Exactly the Look You Want!

Once we've removed the dirt, grime, and smudges from your old pavers, we can apply a coating system to provide the look you want.

We take into consideration the environment in which the pavers must perform: if it's in a high-traffic location, we'll apply a stronger coating.

We provide a wide range of different coating options depending on budget, desired look, life span, and traffic flow requirements.

Protective Coatings Prevent Slippery Moss from Growing As Well!

Concrete SealingApplying protective coatings to seal up masonry surfaces like sandstone, terracotta, concrete and clay pavers makes logical sense and is a sound investment.

By sealing up the porous crevices you prevent the ability for dust to congregate and moisture to be captured. This prevents moss being able to develop and grow which provides the following benefits:

  1. The surfaces look cleaner for longer
  2. The surface is easier for maintenance staff to clean
  3. You reduce cleaning frequencies and maintenance costs
  4. You prevent slipperiness and accidents
  5. You reduce the rate of wear and tear both from traffic and UV sunlight and weathering

This photo is of a concrete protective coating test patch performed two years earlier.


The entire driveway was cleaned back to white concrete and then the test coating patch applied. Two years on and you can now see where the moss has regrown around the coating test patch.

The driveway is now slippery and in need of a detailed clean to kill the moss and clean the concrete pores. The coated section, however, looks clean and isn't slippery.

Any investment made in a quality protective coating pays for itself over time!