Long Life Anti Graffiti Protective Coating

Protect your property with an anti-graffiti long life coating

Long life coatings comprise a two pack polyethylene base. The coating forms a hard base that allows special cleaning solutions to be used. These solutions can dissolve and remove graffiti quickly without affecting the coating.

These coatings have a life of up to 10 years assuming they are maintained and cleaned correctly. Long life coatings can protect your building for 10 years against graffiti penetration. Removal can be performed hundreds of times and is “spray and wipe” easy-just like cleaning a window.

Advantages of Long Life Coatings

  • Makes graffiti removal simple-just use the correct removal chemical.
  • Available in polyurethane and water base to provide different looks.
  • Extremely durable (up to 10 years with proper maintenance).
  • Available in all sheen levels.
  • Available in all Australian standard colours.
  • Graffiti can be removed multiple times.
  • Helps protect buildings from dirt, pollution, and mould staining.

Disadvantages of Long Life Coatings

  • More expensive.
  • Graffiti removal requires the correct chemicals.

Anti-Carbonation and Graffiti Coatings

Anti-carbonation coatings are used to prevent carbon dioxide entering concrete. Carbon Dioxide can damage concrete and damage its structural integrity. Anti-carbonation coatings are porous enough to let water vapour move in and out of the concrete, but the pores are too small for the large carbon dioxide molecule to pass through. This property provides anti-carbonation protection.

We've developed our long life anti-graffiti coating to double as an anti-carbonation and anti graffiti coating. This effectively cuts application costs in half and has been approved by all of the road traffic authorities around Australia.