carpark line marking regulations

Carpark Line Markings – Your Responsibility to Customers

As a business owner, your responsibility to provide safety for the customers on your premises does not end once customers pay and walk out the door! Those who provide a carpark have a responsibility to ensure that customers can enter the carpark, park their vehicle, make their way to and from the building from their […]

prevent graffiti in a high risk area

How to Manage Graffiti in a High-Risk Area

Locations which are unpopulated at night often become a target for graffiti vandalism. Areas such as construction sites, industrial areas, sporting and community facilities are often targets as vandals feel they will be less likely to be caught. If there is not much that can be done to prevent these actions from occurring, the next […]

Paint Spills – Why timing and care is crucial!

Paint spills can occur as a result of vandalism, accident, or carelessness. Dealing with paint spills should be handled quickly with careful attention to minimising any environmental damage. When the professionals at Graffiti Eaters are called in to assist with a paint spill, our first priority is containing the spill and preventing it from spreading […]