Shopping Centre Graffiti Removal

The Cost of Graffiti for Shopping Centres and Business Owners

  The shopping centre and nearby businesses in the Sydney suburb of Emerton have been facing a constant battle with graffiti vandals (see article: ). The Emerton Village Shopping Centre has been subjected to 100-150 incidents of graffiti vandalism each year. Unfortunately the local Blacktown Council’s $1.2 million graffiti removal and deterrence budget does […]

Graffiti Prevention Children

Educating children on what art REALLY is!

Art; not graffiti for Bayside   The Aspendale train station has received a makeover, in an attempt to eliminate graffiti vandalism (see article: Local school children and community groups have created large, colourful horse stencils on the Station Street side, fitting in with the area’s horseracing history from the 20th century. On the Nepean […]

Graffiti removal oh&s

Why OH&S is Important for Graffiti Removal Technicians!

We have all witnessed that one tradesperson who acts as if they are bulletproof – standing on the top rung of a ladder, working on roofs without a harness or spraying chemicals without a mask. While these situations can be amusing to watch when you’re an unrelated bystander, if this was happening on your property, […]