Graffiti Eaters Sacrificial Coatings

Reducing the impact of graffiti on heritage buildings

The engineers of The Graffiti Eaters Research and Development Team have spent many years devising the best solutions for the complete removal of graffiti off any and all surfaces.  But we don’t stop at just being able to remove graffiti from even the most challenging environments, we also want to facilitate easy removal of subsequent […]

Graffiti Vandalism of the Cranbourne Pool Blamed on Lack of Tenant

The headline of this recent news article in the Herald Sun blames the appalling state of a public property – the former Cranbourne swimming pool – on the lack of a tenant.  We imagine that the cost and time required to remove graffiti and repair the property would be significant and a major inhibitor […]

Graffiti removal

Understanding the mindset underpinning graffiti

  This article written by a publisher of a magazine alleged to encourage graffiti vandalism This case was recently brought to court in the UK and serves to provide many insights into the mindset behind the perpetrators of graffiti. I won’t share the outcome of the court case – I’ll let you read the […]

Removing graffiti off a vinyl sign

Anti-Graffiti Coating for Vinyl Signs

The evolution of digital printing has meant that your graphics can be easily printed and applied directly to your sign making it easier than ever to create a high quality, professional looking signage for your business.  However, they are still expensive to replace when they are targeted with tags and graffiti.  Leaving the tags or […]