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Graffiti Prevention Strategies that Actually Work!

In the city of Ann Arbour in Michigan, an artistic approach is being taken to address graffiti vandalism (see full article here). Buildings in the community were repeatedly being tagged and the locals were left frustrated and out-of-pocket. However local artist Rebecca Arends came up with a solution that would put an end to the […]

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Care required when removing Graffiti off Living Trees

  Unfortunately, it is a common problem – vandals putting graffiti on tree trunks.  This can lead to damage to the tree if the wrong graffiti removal technique is employed. We have seen trees permanently damaged by inexperienced people water blasting the bark from the tree.  It is important not to damage the bark on […]

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Campbellfield Community Centre requests additional security to reduce vandalism

  The call by the community for increased security around a community building, in this article in the Herald Sun, is well-founded: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/north-west/campbellfield-community-centre-makes-urgent-call-for-extra-security/news-story/536577b80e6d6940396855ec71991ae6. It’s such a shame that people who could actually benefit from the community centre are instead involved in its damage. Research clearly shows that the following measures will kerb the rate of […]

Graffiti removal for businesses

Professional Graffiti Removal Protects Corporate Image

Brand image is everything in the corporate world. Companies spend millions of dollars promoting their brand to be a house hold name and fitting out their retail outlets. The best colour schemes, signage and landscaping can become ignored if graffiti is evident on the building, or scars left behind from a poor graffiti removal attempt. […]