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Graffiti Removal from Brisbane Electrical Substation

Licencing and inductions play a big part in graffiti removal. To prevent incidents and a mountain of paper work, it’s important to use a company that has the experience and hence the awareness of what can go wrong during graffiti removal in order to mitigate the risks. The high voltage electricity building in Brisbane, shown […]

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Record & Report for Long-Term Graffiti Prevention – Ballarat

Property owners are gradually becoming aware that the best way to reduce incidents of graffiti vandalism is to remove the vandalism as quickly as possible. This is beneficial for the protection of your property, but what happens to the person who committed the crime? Most likely nothing! Will they reoffend at a different location? Quite […]

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Silo Art – the latest strategy for graffiti prevention

Image Source: ABC Central Victoria – Larissa Romensky In country Victoria, the small town of Rupanyup has become the latest Victorian community to gain a piece of Silo Art (see full article here). Silo Art involves painting large, high-quality murals across a silo, which can be seen from far distances and often become a landmark […]

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Education Important for Commercial Property Graffiti Prevention

In Perth, police have launched operation Quadrangle III an initiative which aims to educate business owners on how they can avoid becoming a graffiti target, as well as educating youth – who are the common perpetrators of these acts (see full article here). With Graffiti costing taxpayers in excess of $25 million per year, graffiti […]