Paint Spills – Why timing and care is crucial!

Paint spills can occur as a result of vandalism, accident, or carelessness. Dealing with paint spills should be handled quickly with careful attention to minimising any environmental damage. When the professionals at Graffiti Eaters are called in to assist with a paint spill, our first priority is containing the spill and preventing it from spreading […]

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The Difference between Graffiti and Public Art

Many cities are taking the initiative to protect large walls and other graffiti targets with a number of graffiti prevention strategies. The City of Moreland, which includes many of Melbourne’s inner-north graffiti hotspots such as Brunswick and Coburg, spends approximately $400,000 each year on graffiti removal (see full article). A recent poll found that 71% […]

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Graffiti Removal from Brisbane Electrical Substation

Licencing and inductions play a big part in graffiti removal. To prevent incidents and a mountain of paper work, it’s important to use a company that has the experience and hence the awareness of what can go wrong during graffiti removal in order to mitigate the risks. The high voltage electricity building in Brisbane, shown […]