graffiti removal from state government ambulance station

How Local & State Government Manage Graffiti Removal

Local and state government departments face a constant battle to maintain an extensive network of properties and keep them free from graffiti vandalism. Local government in particular, faces scrutiny from residents, business owners and the media to remove graffiti as soon as it appears and reduce the harm that graffiti causes to the community. Studies […]

6 Reasons Why Bill Posters are Harmful for your Business

Bill Posters are often seen in major cities, stuck onto the side of buildings, fences and poles in areas of high traffic to promote events. In most cases these posters are adhered without the permission of the business or property owner, and are difficult to remove. One poster attracts many When one poster appears on […]

graffiti cause

The Most Likely Cause of your Suburb’s Graffiti Problems

Sometimes property owners and community groups allow the painting of murals and artistic material on their walls and fences with positive intentions of preventing graffiti and encouraging youth not to vandalise property at will. Other times property owners seek to implement edgy, grungy artwork, without realizing the impression it creates for an impressionable youth. One […]

The Graffiti Eaters partner with Albury City Council

The Graffiti Eaters has been successful in securing a contract with Albury City Council to clean up the town and this week Franchise Partner Craig Cavanagh travelled to Albury to start work on making the town graffiti-free. Working closely with the local council, Craig will review all council assets, ensuring all graffiti is professionally removed, […]