Graffiti removal for businesses

Professional Graffiti Removal Protects Corporate Image

Brand image is everything in the corporate world. Companies spend millions of dollars promoting their brand to be a house hold name and fitting out their retail outlets. The best colour schemes, signage and landscaping can become ignored if graffiti is evident on the building, or scars left behind from a poor graffiti removal attempt. […]

graffiti prevention tips

4 Tips for Graffiti Prevention in your Community!

When graffiti vandals strike, anyone can become a victim to their property damage. This is unfair for the victims who end up paying to remove damage that is from no fault of their own! The Ipswich City Council has become so frustrated with constant graffiti vandalism of residential property, they are offering a $4000 reward […]

Graffiti removal from height

Graffiti Removal from Heights

Graffiti vandals often apply their tags in high or difficult to reach places, knowing that it will be more likely to remain untouched. In Sydney we were asked to remove graffiti that was four metres high, on the side of an apartment block. Unfortunately, we get calls from many landlords and body corporates that have […]