We care about the environment so we became AS/NZS ISO 14001 certified

Our Environment is Precious.

Gone are the days of running the garden hose to remove the leaves of the driveway! Even in regions with restrictions lifted, new conservation measures and rules are going to remain in place.

This doesn’t mean you can’t look after your assets, that would be false economy in the long run.

What it does mean is that you must utilise the current best methods and equipment to conduct those necessary cleaning tasks water wisely.

That’s where our team can help!


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The Solution!

The Graffiti Eaters Surface Restoration Vehicles are designed and equipped with the latest in efficient jetting technology and recycling systems to ensure your cleaning tasks are completed in accordance with all state guidelines and legislation.

We hold all required permits to be able to use water on your site and ensure the task is completed with the same first class result, but minimal water usage.

Our engineers have worked closely with the relevant water authorities to help shape these guidelines that are now used as the standard.

We monitor and record the frequency of cleans on our clients assets to ensure they are complying with their legal requirements.

Water Permits

Our team of technicians are trained and have permits to access water from street hydrants by the various state water authorities.

All our vehicles comply with back flow prevention regulations and we pay for the water we utilise.