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Local Newspaper August 20th 2008vandalsmakemarkmini

The Herald Sun' Dated Fri Nov 23rd 07.

Greens MP Sue Pennicuik defends graffiti vandals! For her news article Read Here.

This story then led to an article on the cost of graffiti removal which The Graffiti Eaters were asked to comment on. Read Herein the media

Graffiti Eaters Article

Here is a recent article featured in the local paper and comments from Rod Mackenzie, below.

Rod Mackenzie of the Graffiti Eaters is using it as an example Australia-wide of the good use of murals in cleaning up graffiti.

Mr Mackenzie, whose Bundoora business operates nationally to clean up graffiti, said the walls of the laneway had been almost graffiti free since the mural had gone up. He said the colourful street art worked better than graffiti-style murals, which attracted vandals to leave their tags.But taggers would leave murals like van Breugels alone because they "respected" the work. "I think if you ask the general public, most people think it looks fantastic, and really do appreciate it and don't want to damage it, and the graffiti community thinks the same", Mr Mackenzie said.

"We recommend to many of our clients to use murals, especially if they have the attitude of Greensborough and will keep it in good order."