Graffiti Removal
& Anti-Graffiti
Coatings to Protect
Your Assets!

For over 40 years, the Graffiti Eaters have been
trusted by Australia’s largest organisations to provide
timely and professional graffiti removal services.

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Graffiti Removal from brick wall

Graffiti Removal

The Graffiti Eaters have partnerships with retail outlets, shopping centres, banks and
local government to provide a quick response to graffiti vandalism. For your protection
we have a $20 million public liability policy and adhere to council permits and regulations.

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Paint Spill Removal

We are able to remove paint and restore back surfaces made of concrete, bitumen, glass, brick, aluminium,
stainless steel and most other surfaces. All work complies with environmental standards,
local regulations and is protected by a $20 million public liability policy.

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Line Mark Removal

Clear line markings are vital for smooth traffic flow and safety. We completely remove
worn or poorly placed lines and replace with the highest quality product.

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Poster Removal

We remove bill posters from commercial properties, ensuring their assets remain
presentable and damage-free. All work complies with environmental standards,
local regulations and is protected by a $20 million public liability policy.

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Shopping Centre Maintenance

Maintenance Agreements to suit your requirements. Services include graffiti removal and
fitting of anti-graffiti coatings, facade and sign cleaning, and removal of line markings,
oil stains, chewing gum and bill posters.

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Graffiti Removal from car

Graffiti Removal from Vehicles

Maintaining a professional image is vital
– we provide timely graffiti removal off cars, trucks even trains.

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The Graffiti Eaters Is Trusted By

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You want it off, we’ll get it off! That has been our strategy since we became Australia’s first graffiti removal specialist over 40 years ago.

Through developing close relationships with retail outlets, shopping centres, banks and local government, we have developed a range of graffiti and stain removal services to meet the needs of business owners.

Our shopping centre maintenance agreements ensure that graffiti is acted upon immediately. Not only does graffiti give customers a negative first impression of your property, it will trigger repeated acts of graffiti and encourage further anti-social behaviour if left alone.

Our background in engineering has enabled us to develop anti-graffiti coatings which protect your assets from damage and enable any repeated acts of vandalism to be removed with greater ease.

One of the area’s which sets the Graffiti Eaters apart, is our development of graffiti removal techniques for different surfaces. Surfaces such as bricks and concrete can become damaged by an incorrect chemical selection, or harsh pressure cleaning techniques, leading to salt deposits, rising damp and deterioration. When graffiti removal is done properly, there should be no trace of the event ever happening.

We also provide anti-slip coatings for the protection of visitors on your driveways, stairs and paved surfaces.

We take preventative measures to manage risk, ensuring your property, staff and customers remain safe. Third party auditors monitor our adherence to four management standards – Quality Management ISO 9001, OH&S Management AS/NZS 4801, Environmental Management ISO 14001, and Risk Management 31000.

We follow local council regulations and apply for permits when necessary. For your protection we have a $20 million public liability policy.

Our professional technicians are located throughout Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Hobart. Contact us today to find out how we can keep your property graffiti-free!

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Commercial Property Graffiti Removal

Commercial property is often the target for graffiti vandalism, and multiple areas and surface types can be affected with heavy graffiti paint, like the example in this photo. Effectively cleaning off graffiti from surfaces like bare brick and cement, as well as rendered walls, requires the use of very specific cleaning solutions along with the …