Grease Trap Overflow Cleanup at Woolworths Store

Grease Pit Spill

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When an unforeseen blocked pipe at a Woolworths store caused a grease pit to over flow, it spewed oil and grease out onto a bitumen and concrete car park area. Cars driving through the spill spread the oily residue for hundreds of meters in three directions. Woolworths Management were right on it and called in the Graffiti Eater team for an expert clean up job to Environmental Protection Authority standards.

The area was cordoned off with traffic management and kitty litter dispersed to soak up the liquid oil and grease. Graffiti Eaters Technicians then blocked off and secured nearby storm water drains to ensure that no residue from the cleaning operations could enter the drains. The spent kitty litter was then collected and processed for discharge. A special chemical formulation was applied to the bitumen and concrete to break down the oil and extract it to the surface of the porous surfaces.

Superheated water under pressure was then used to thoroughly rinse down the surfaces restoring them back cleaner than their original condition.

The waste residue created from the cleaning process which included the original grease and oil was then vacuum collected and pumped into holding tanks. The liquid was then removed from site and processed by an EPA approved waste liquid organisation. 2000 Lt of waste was reclaimed without a drop entering our storm water system and harming our environment thanks to the quick thinking Woolworths Managers.

It took three Graffiti Eater Surface Restoration Technicians eight hours, but the result was incredible. When complete, no one parking their cars were aware of the disaster that had unfolded earlier in the day.

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