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The Graffiti Eaters ‘Professional First Aid Kit’ is not just a single product. It is a comprehensive graffiti removal system comprising everything needed including, application aids, instructions, Occupational Health and Safety Equipment and a range of 6 different cleaning products designed to achieve the best results possible on the most commonly tagged surfaces. If you want to remove your own graffiti and have personnel ready, this is the ideal system for you. Regain control and GET IT OFF fast. These kits are used Australia wide by councils, maintenance person and contract cleaners and have successfully removed over 500,000 square meters of graffiti.

'Professional Kit' Contents


The ‘Professional Kit’ contents includes:

  • Carry tray to ensure no product drips and safely store your products all in one place.
  • Instruction booklet complete with MSDS sheets and selection table.
  • Approved OH&S glasses and gloves for personal protection.
  • Trigger spray to screw onto product containers, no decanting required.
  • Agitation brushes for delicate painted surfaces, masonry walls and metal surfaces.
  • Neutralisation container and rags for safely rinsing surfaces once clean.
  • 6 different products giving you the most comprehensive system on the market and the best results.
  • 3 wipe pads for stubborn graffiti
  • Rinse down rag

6 Different Chemical Bases Gives you the Power of the Professionals for Great Results

Graffiti Types that can be removed with the ‘Professional Kit’

  • Acrylic spray can
  • Enamel spray can
  • Water based texta pen
  • Solvent based texta pen
  • Liquid Paper
  • Lipstick
  • Pencil

Surfaces that can be cleaned of Graffiti with the ‘Professional Kit’

Included are the Application Brush, Aggitation Brush and Trigger Spray Nozzle

  • Brick work *
  • Concrete *
  • Colour bond Steel
  • Galvanised, aluminium and zinc alum steel
  • Painted surfaces
  • Bluestone, marble, granite
  • Car duco
  • Glass
  • Powder Coating
  • Carpet and fabrics
  • Terracotta and ceramic tiles
  • Anti-Graffiti Coatings

*In some cases high pressure water is required for best results.

Instructions Provided in the ‘Professional Kit’

Chemical selection table makes a professional job easy!

  • Information sheets on every product
  • MSDS sheets on every product
  • Chemical selection table which tells you which chemical to use on each surface and graffiti type
  • Instructions on correct dwell time and technique

Reordering Product

Available by calling 1300 305 307 or email

Testimonials from Happy Customers.

“Until I found the Professional Kit, removing graffiti was frustrating work. Now I love getting out and getting it off quick to deter the vandals!”

David Spark – Mulgrave Vic

Graffiti Product MSDS Sheets included in kit.

“Your system is comprhensive and works – thanks Graffiti Eaters”

Michael Vanberg – Prospect NSW

“The graffiti at our school was out of control, little tags everywhere and caused by our own students. Now we are back in control and with in budget. Thanks Graffiti Eaters for a great system and all the advice”

John Fitzgerald – Adelaide SA

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