Graffiti Vandals Go Free – This is why we have a Graffiti Problem!

This is why we have a graffiti problem!

Although applying graffiti is a criminal offence, when vandals are caught they get off scott free.

The amount of tax payers time and money that was wasted here obtaining evidence and presenting to the courts and all for nothing.

These four vandals are grown men, not kids and they should have been given serious penalties to reflect the damage they have done and repaid the cost incurred by the community.

This result is extremely frustrating for our national team of Surface Restoration Technicians who work tirelessly to document photographic evidence and maintain databases on behalf of our clients who one day hope to reclaim costs incurred in removal.

Herald Sun Melbourne 4th April 2012

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4 Responses to Graffiti Vandals Go Free – This is why we have a Graffiti Problem!

  1. Graffiti vandals are causing unwanted damage to assets right across the metropolitan scene. We have spent thousands of dollars cleaning up unwanted desecration of premises.
    We are appalled that vandals are not being appropriately dealt with by the courts when proven to be perpertrators of crime.
    If they wish to pursue their crime habits let them do it upon their own premises.

  2. Thanks for your comments J Taylor,
    We share your frustration. Imagine what could be done in our community with this tax payers money and the saving in costs to businesses!
    However……., we do not surrender our streets and remain committed to safe and clean suburbs to enjoy watching our kids grow up in. Australia is looking cleaner than many countries like the US, unfortunately not as good as others like Singapore where penalties for even littering are much tougher.

    Mark Mackenzie

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