Graffiti Eaters Sacrificial Coating Applied on a Bridge over Water.

  The Graffiti Eater team had a challenging job in South Australia at the new King St Glenelg bridge. Graffiti Eaters Sacrificial anti-graffiti coating had been specified by architects to protect and preserve the outer concrete beam sections of the bridge from potential graffiti attack, as well as dirt and pollution. Due to the construction […]

Graffiti Out of Control

The key to reducing the occurrence of graffiti on your site is rapid removal. Graffiti vandals only target sites where the graffiti is left on display so that they get recognition from their peers. Remove graffiti fast with in 48 hours and their motivation is taken away! This photo is an example of what can […]

Invisible Anti Graffiti Coatings

New Coating Technology – They’re Invisible! Our R&D Engineers are excited to release new technology for 2012. Anti Graffiti Coatings for masonry surfaces that are Invisible! After years of trials and tests this new technology in the surface coating industry has been released to the market with a great deal of interest. Graffiti coatings are […]