Anti-Charlie Hebdo Graffiti Attack on Gaza French Centre

Islamic Graffiti Vandals target French in Gaza

graffiti on French cultural centre

Graffiti protests sprayed on French Centre in Gaza

Masked men sprayed graffiti on the walls of the French Cultural Centre in Gaza city on Friday to protest against offensive cartoons republished by the French weekly Charlie Hebdo that allegedly ridicule Prophet Muhammad of the Islamic faith.The graffiti read “Anything but the messenger of Allah (God),” and “French journalists go to hell”.  The caretakers of the Centre will now be working to quickly remove the graffiti before it encourages others to add to it.

Gaza police arrived at the French Cultural Center building in western Gaza city to investigate the incident and were deployed outside the compound’s main gate as well as on the adjacent main road, an AFP correspondent reported.  The French cultural centre was twice under bomb attacks in October and December.

On Thursday, the Palestinian presidency condemned in an official statement Charlie Hebdo’s insistence to publish the offensive cartoon and circulate 3 million copies.”We stood on the side of the French people against terrorism, but at the same time freedom of expression has to be respected, mainly when it comes to religion,” said the official Palestinian statement. Also, the Islamist Hamas movement slammed the French media for publishing offensive cartoons satire of the prophet.

Bomb attack on French Cultural Centre Gaza

Bomb attack on French Cultural Centre in December last year

Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas spokesman in Gaza said in an emailed press statement that “Charlie Hebdo is a clear provocation to the Muslims’ feelings all over the world.””The aim of publishing the offensive cartoon against Prophet Muhammad is to strengthen the culture of hatred against Islam and the Muslims and an intentional incitement to using violence against Muslims,” said Barhoum.

The cartoon of Mohammed was published on the Charlie Hebdo magazine last Wednesday, in its first edition since an attack on its Paris offices claimed by Al-Qaeda that killed 12 people on January 7, sparking angry protests across the Muslim world.

Graffiti is used in a wide variety of ways across the world but is generally seen as provocative vandalism and is best dealt with by removing graffiti quickly and putting graffiti prevention methods in place such as increased vegetation, art murals, quick removal and increased lighting and security.

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Graffiti Vandals strike Broadmeadows Museum 3 Times in a week

Graffiti Removal Needed for Museum in Northern Melbourne
Broadmeadows graffiti removal

Broadmeadows Historical Society Hit by graffiti over Christmas – *Picture by Dennis Manktelow


RUTHLESS vandals have attacked Broadmeadows Museum with graffiti for the third time in a week.

Broadmeadows Historical Society secretary Elayne Whatman returned to work on January 12 and made the discovery. She said the museum had been a regular target of graffiti vandals — particularly on public holidays — but never to this extent.

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Graffiti spray paint was splashed across doors, windows, railings and walls, as well as on rubbish bins and the back of the Broadmeadows war memorial, she said.  “It is (disappointing) because if you see them and you stop them from doing it, this is what happens — they come down and do more,” Ms Whatman said.

“It’s all over the place. They’re going to have a job and a half (removing it). “This is the worst that it’s ever been.”

Graffiti in Broadmeadows

Graffiti on wall in Broadmeadows

Article Source

According to Ms Whatman, Hume Council had ­indicated the graffiti may take weeks to remove. “This is the first day back after Christmas,” she said.

“It was a kick in the stomach, a kick in the guts,” she said. She hopes the incident will force council to boost security measures, such as CCTV cameras.

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Broadmeadows Acting Senior Sergeant Ben Davies said it didn’t appear to be targeted graffiti, with the assumption young kids may have been behind it. But he has warned that offenders could face jail time.

“It’s disappointing for the whole community, having to see that sort of vandalism,” Sen-Sgt Davies said.  Council’s city infrastructure director Daryl Whitfort said they had received four reports for graffiti removal at the museum in the past 12 months, which was “minor” compared to problem areas such as bus shelters and parks/playgrounds.

He said the museum was fitted with an alarm and “not considered to have security issues”.  In 2013-14, the Hume council spent 8,000 on graffiti removal.

Local Council, shop traders and residents could have prevented much of this graffiti removal expense with efficiency and quality.
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Graffiti Vandals Using Fire Extinguishers to attack buildings

Vandalism Using Stolen Fire Equipment Needs To Be Extinguished

Fire Extinguisher Graffiti

Fire Extinguisher Used to Spray Graffiti Vandalism

Graffiti vandalism has sunk to new lows in the last decade with unauthorised spray painting and tagging remaining a curse for many local councils, businesses and residents who have to foot the bill to remove graffiti on a regular basis.

In recent years graffiti vandals have upped the stakes and have now turned to using fire extinguishers as giant spray cans, allowing them to spray vandalism quicker and across wider areas than ever before. Timothy McDonald of the ABC has said “One man’s vandal is another’s graffiti artist. But if someone fitting either description wants to use a fire extinguisher to tag a wall, they won’t have much trouble finding detailed instructions on the internet.”

If a graffiti vandal succeeds in refilling a fire extinguisher with paint and re-pressurizing it – hopefully without injury – they’ll be able to spray a lot of paint onto a wall in a very short time. The vandalism is usually pretty simple, because the fire extinguisher empties out in a matter of seconds, but the letters are often huge. For those who clean it off, such as The Graffiti Eaters, a local expert graffiti removal company, it can be a terrible mess to deal with as vandals know it’s easy to do and that it’s very hard to get off when placed in difficult-to-reach places, as access equipment and safety gear is usually required in the removal process.

The hire of access equipment and use of industry-leading safety equipment can increase the cost of graffiti removal and is why we strongly suggest to lock or at least keep fire extinguishers and other similar items well out of reach of potential vandals.

The dedicated technicians of The Graffiti Eaters are getting called out to more and more jobs where fire extinguishers have been used and this has also included paint sprayed by similar items such as ‘super-soaker’ water pistols, spray bottles and more.

Vandal spraying graffiti from fire hose

Vandal spraying graffiti from fire hose

The popularity of using fire extinguishers to spray graffiti vandalism is growing at an alarming rate with Lachlan MacDowall, an expert on graffiti who works in the Centre for Cultural Partnerships at the University of Melbourne saying “Fire extinguishers have been used for some time to spray graffiti and have become part of a long tradition of improvisation among graffiti vandals.”

So using fire extinguishers to spread graffiti on buildings and other assets seems to be part of a larger trend of trying to produce implements for graffiti out of everyday objects. MacDowall also said that vandals “who use fire extinguishers are partly reacting to the increasing legitimacy of street art. He says some artists don’t like the fact that street art isn’t as dangerous as it once was.”

In Australia today we have a lot of opportunity for people to undertake graffiti in a legal context and also there’s a lot of custom made spray paints where you can get easily interchangeable nozzles of different sizes and a massive range of colours, so there is a sense that graffiti perhaps has become a little bit too democratised or a little bit too easy. It will for the meantime remain an illegal fringe activity that causes frustration and negative consequences but for many people using the fire extinguishers is another way to remain ‘on the edge’ of acceptable societal behaviour.

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Swimming Pool Cleaning – Rust and Moss Removal

Moss & Rust Stain Removal
from Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Cleaning Before

Swimming Pool Cleaning Before

Recently we were called in to clean the facade of a large property in Brisbane and noticed that their backyard area, especially surrounding the pool was made of expensive Italian limestone being severely damaged by rust, moss and other stains inflicted by the recent harsh weather in the area.

As we were already onsite we were able to also clean their swimming pool area at a heavily discounted price, treating it with extra care using a specialised mix of chemicals and mid-level pressure washing.

Swimming Pool Cleaning After

Swimming Pool Cleaning After

This technique avoided any surface damage or degradation to the grout and was able to give the area surrounding the pool the clean and inviting look it deserved.Coming into the warmer weather, rust stain removal and pressure washing of moss stains is a great way to protect your valuable outdoor areas and provide a happy and safe environment for both your family and friends.

Happy Family by the pool

Happy Family by their clean pool

Once cleaned, protective coatings can also add many years to the areas around your home including pools, patios and driveways. That is why during the month of January when you call our friendly team, we will do our very best to ensure you get the your work completed quickly, for a great price and with incredible results that will leave you smiling all year round…
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Graffiti Mural painted as tribute to WW1 Christmas Day Truce

English and German artists join forces to paint remarkable graffiti mural in tribute to WWI Christmas Day Truce

Graffiti Mural WW1 Truce

Christmas Graffiti Mural

German and English artists have come together to create graffiti art murals commemorating the 1914 Christmas Truce during the First World War. The three artists took inspiration from the famous event that took place 100 years ago – when troops from both sides emerged from the trenches and met in ‘no man’s land’ in Flanders Fields to exchange gifts and play football.

Christmas Day Truce Graffiti Mural

WW1 Truce over Christmas Day

The London art event, which took place this week, saw two UK-based artists and one German-based artist paint a huge graffiti mural in their own inimitable styles to remove graffiti vandalism and replace it with memorial artwork on the existing site. British artists Zadok and Ninth Seal and German artist Sokar Uno collaborated to produce the work as a tribute to the historic event but the mural is now also working to prevent graffiti vandals from coming back to deface the wall.

Graffiti Mural being painted to cover graffiti vandalism

Graffiti Mural being painted to cover graffiti vandalism

A similar project is being created in Berlin, where a huge canvas artwork by other renowned graffiti artists was also put on display in the centre of Berlin on 16th December.

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10 Biggest Oil Spills in History

Oil Stain Removal throughout history!

Check out the Top 10 Biggest Oil Stain Cleanup jobs ever…

biggest oil spill in history

Biggest Oil Spill in History!

1. Gulf War, 1991
Location: Kuwait      Gallons: 240 to 336 million
How It Happened: As Iraqi forces retreated from Kuwait during the first Gulf War, they opened the valves of oil wells and pipelines in a bid to slow the onslaught of American troops. The result was the largest oil spill in history spanning an area just larger than the island of Hawaii.

Oil Spill Ixtoc

Ixtoc Oil Spill

2. Ixtoc 1 Oil Well, 1979
Location: Bay of Campeche, Mexico  Gallons: 140 million
How It Happened: An oil well in the Bay of Campeche collapsed after a pressure buildup sparked an accidental explosion. Over the next 10 months about 140 million gallons of crude spouted into the Gulf of Mexico requiring oil stain removal on a massive scale.

Atlantic Empress Oil Spill

Atlantic Empress Oil Spill

3. Atlantic Empress, 1979
Location: Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
Gallons: 88.3 million
How It Happened: One stormy evening in July 1979, two full supertankers collided in the Caribbean Sea, precipitating the largest ship-sourced oil spill in history.

Fergana Oil Stain Removal

Fergana Valley Oil Spill Cleanup

4. Fergana Valley, 1992
Location: Uzbekistan     Gallons: 87.7 million
How It Happened: Nearly 88 million gallons of oil spilled from an oil well in Fergana Valley, creating the largest inland spill ever reported.

Largest inland oil spill

Nowruz Oil Spill

5. Nowruz Oil Field, 1983
Location: Persian Gulf     Gallons: 80 million
How It Happened: Smack in the middle of the Iran-Iraq War, an oil tanker crashed into the Nowruz Field Platform leaking 1500 barrels a day, but because it was in the centre of a war zone, seven months went by before it was fixed the subsequent oil stains removed.

Oil Spill cleanup

ABT Summer sinks on way to Rotterdam

6. ABT Summer, 1991
Location: Off the coast of Angola   Gallons: 80 million
How It Happened: A fully loaded tanker, the ABT Summer had an explosion onboard and caught fire. Surrounded by a growing oil slick that spanned 80 square miles, the tanker burned for three days before sinking.

Oil Spills can happen anywhere

Oil Spills can happen anywhere

7. Castillo de Bellver, 1983
Location: Off Saldanha Bay, South Africa   Gallons: 78.5 million
How It Happened: After catching fire, this ship sank into the deep ocean, with some nearly 110,000 tons of oil remaining in its tanks.

Oil Spill Removal

Oil Spill Removal with Vacuum Pumps and by Hand

8. Amoco Cadiz, 1978
Location: Off Brittany, France   Gallons: 68.7 million
How It Happened: The Amoco Cadiz ran aground off the coast of Brittany after a severe storm and its entire cargo of 246,000 tons of light crude oil was dumped into the English Channel, killing off more marine life than any other oil spill to date at the time.

Odyssey Oil Spill

Odyssey Oil Spill

9. Odyssey Oil Spill, 1988
Location: 700 nautical miles off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada
Gallons: 43 million
How It Happened: In November 1988 the Liberian tanker Odyssey, virtually full to the brim with North Sea crude oil, broke in two and sunk in the North Atlantic.

MT Haven Tanker Oil Disaster

MT Haven Tanker Oil Disaster

10. M/T Haven Tanker, 1991
Location: Genoa, Italy    Gallons: 42 million
How It Happened: An apparently shoddily maintained tanker exploded and later sunk off the coast of Italy. The accident killed six people and is now believed to be the largest shipwreck in the world and a popular tourist destination for divers.

Oil spills over the past 100 years have caused some of the biggest oil spill cleanup jobs ever.
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Chewing gum removal on pavements

‘Make manufacturers pay for cleaning up streets of Manchester’

Council bosses say food giants should shoulder chewing gum removal burden
and also make more environmentally-friendly gum

chewing gum removal from pavement

Chewing Gum is a sticky problem for Manchester City Council

Chewing gum companies across the UK and further abroad should cough up cash to help keep Manchester’s streets clean, say council chiefs.Campaigners claim while the average piece of gum costs about 3p to buy, local authorities have to spend around £1.50 to clean it up.  Nearly a tonne of chewing gum was removed from Manchester city centre streets last year in a £40,000 clean-up operation.  The crackdown was largely funded by city centre firms and saw nearly 800,000 pieces of chewing gum removed.Food companies have been told they must shoulder the burden of removing gum on pavements – and produce environmentally-friendly alternatives.
Costs of removing chewing gum

High-pressure cleaning pavements

Pressure cleaning chewing gum is no problem for The Stain Eaters

Manufacturing giants such as Wrigley should make a ‘substantial contribution’ to the multi-million pound bill for cleaning up the ‘ugly mess’, says the Local Government Association.The call has been backed by businesses and council leaders in Manchester.  Coun Bernard Priest, deputy leader of Manchester City Council, said: “Chewing gum is a prominent problem in Manchester’s streets. Unlike a lot of other litter, chewing gum cannot simply be swept away. Once it’s trodden into the pavement, it’s very expensive to clean up.

“In principle I am behind the LGA’s idea but in reality it would be very difficult to enforce. “I imagine the legal framework to get big firms to contribute to clean up costs would be fraught with difficulties.  “The main message for people now is make sure you throw your gum in the bin and not on the street.”Coun Peter Box, LGA Environment spokesman, added: “The UK gum industry is a multi-million pound business and we believe in the principle of the ‘polluter’ paying.  “The chewing gum giants should be making a substantial contribution to help with the sterling work that councils are doing in removing it.”

Wrigley, owned by Mars and produces Orbit and Extra Gum, say they are committed to tackling litter problems.  A spokesman for Wrigley said: “Wrigley takes the issue of littered gum very seriously. We believe that the only long-term solution to this problem is persuading people to dispose of their chewing gum responsibly, as the large majority already do.

“This is why we invest in programs, such as the Chewing Gum Action Group (CGAG), which are designed to inspire the remaining minority to do the right thing and put their chewing gum in the bin.”

*Article Source – Manchester Evening News (25/11/14) Charlotte Dobson
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The problem of removing chewing gum is one that many councils across the world face including those in the major cities of Australia such as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Many local taxpayers across Australia have heard about the message being put to chewing gum manufacturer Wrigley and have joined the fight against this sticky situation with the help of pressure cleaners, The Stain Eaters who operate Australia-wide to remove chewing gum and have provided industry-leading stain removal and high-pressure washing services for over 35 years.

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Graffiti Removal Brisbane Pop-Up Event

Graffiti Removal in Brisbane
Highlighted with ‘Pop-Up Event’

Price tags showing the yearly cost to ratepayers of cleaning graffiti have appeared on light poles, seats
and other council assets along Boundary Street in the Brisbane suburb of West End.

Costs of Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal Price Tag in Brisbane, Queensland as part of the pop-up event

The pop-up event is the third to be held in Brisbane as part of the Cost of Crime awareness campaign by Crime Stoppers Queensland and the Brisbane City Council.

Trevor O’Hara, chief executive officer of Crime Stoppers Queensland, says the price tags are designed to encourage people to “reclaim their space from graffiti crime”.

“It costs Brisbane City Council more than million each year to remove graffiti from council assets.”

This doesn’t include additional costs to business owners and residents who have to remove graffiti from their properties.”

The previous two events, held at New Farm Park in the inner-city and Blackwood Street in Mitchelton on Brisbane’s northside, received a positive response from locals.

“A lot of people have told us how much they like what we’re doing and we’ve even had joggers high-fiving us as they go past,” Mr O’Hara said.

Reaction in West End, a renowned cultural hub, was mixed.  “It’s a good idea,” Matthew said, a small business owner on Boundary Street.

“Although I don’t think the public worry too much about the financial side of things. “Graffiti makes people think if the hoods can do graffiti, then they can do drugs and other things.

“Still it’s good that they [Crime Stoppers] and local graffiti removal companies such as The Graffiti Eaters are here.”

Mr O’Hara says graffiti not only has a visual impact, “It can also affect the liveability of suburbs,” he said.

graffiti removal

Graffiti Removal Cleanup in Brisbane, Australia

‘Element of surprise’ about upcoming locations

The Spanish city of Pamplona was the first city to use pop-up events to great effect during an award-winning campaign in 2008 that targeted the cost of graffiti vandalism.

Having seen the success of the Pamplona campaign, Crime Stoppers and the Brisbane City Council teamed up to bring awareness to the community regarding graffiti removal in Brisbane with the city being the first Australian location to undertake the initiative.

The Brisbane pop-up events will continue every month until the end of the year however, Mr O’Hara is tight-lipped about the upcoming locations.

“We don’t want to give too much away to ensure the maximum impact,” he said.

“We set up at each location before dawn so the local residents wake up to something different, then we pack up and leave by late morning.  “We like to use the element of surprise.”

*Article Source: ABC News (Giulio Saggin) 07/05/2014

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Graffiti taggers wreak havoc in Boroondara

Graffiti removal a high priority for Melbourne area of Boroondara

GRAFFITI taggers are continuing to wreak havoc in Boroondara, as a new council removal program is rolled out across the city.

Graffiti removal Melbourne

Graffiti tagging abundant in local council area of Melbourne (Boroondara)

A resident — who asked not be named — said the proliferation of graffiti in the northern suburbs of the Boroondara municipality was alarming, with Balwyn and surrounding suburbs including Surrey Hills and Canterbury copping the brunt of “this criminal activity”.”We see long-term graffiti removal as a necessity along Whitehorse Rd which no one appears to be taking the responsibility to remove,” the resident said.

Graffiti removal in Melbourne and indeed right across Australia has become a huge concern for local residents, councils and commercial centres and as vandals become more brazen, learning new ways to access hard-to-reach areas and spread the popularity of this crime amongst their peers.

Graffiti removal in Melbourne a priority

Graffiti removal desperately needed at Belmore Rd in Melbourne’s east

“Along the pedestrian walkway to Chatham station from Mont Albert Rd, the fences, park bins, street signs, fire hydrants and even the road bear witness to this delinquent activity.The walls abutting the station itself are an utter disgrace.Eight of Boroondara’s 20 shopping centre trader associations have entered into an arrangement where the cost of removing graffiti from private shops and buildings is shared with the council.However, Balwyn does not have a designated traders association and is not one of the areas to sign up to the plan.

Council director of environment and infrastructure Bruce Dobson said individual shop owners could still access paint and graffiti-cleaning kits to clean up their private property.

One of the eight centres to have already signed up to the program is North Balwyn Village with centre co-ordinator Janet Busby saying “I personally hate graffiti and the way we have been able to remove it is something we’re very proud of.”

Graffiti removal programs allow us to take great pride in the centre.”

*Article Source: ‘Herald Sun Online’ – (Leader Community Newspapers)

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