Catching graffiti vandals a difficult job for police, how can we help?

How a recent study behind the psychology of a graffiti vandal is helping Police.

The team at the Graffiti Eaters felt a recent article written by Pamela Roth 7/10/2015 on Constable Frank Brushetta in Canada was worth sharing.

Franco Brushetta who recently took over the role of anti graffiti co-ordinator for Victoria police in Canada, didn’t know much about the meaning behind the paint splashed across various properties throughout the city.

The more he became entrenched in the position, the more he studied the psychology behind graffiti vandalism, and got to know what’s going through the mind of those committing the crime.

“There’s a whole graffiti subculture that’s out there that people need to understand,” said Brushetta. “It depends on their upbringing, where they’ve come from, their social background, who they hang out with, their friends and what not. Recognition is huge.”

GraffitiEvery week, Victoria (Canada) police receive between 6 to 12 calls about graffiti vandalism in various parts of the city. Those files land on Brushetta’s desk, where he assists members with trying to determine what the tag is and who the potential tagger might be to follow up with any charges.

Brushetta estimates there are between 10 to 15 people who tag all types of infrastructure, such as power poles and mail boxes to walls and etching glass. The culprits are mainly males, ranging in age from 16 to their thirties.

Some of the vandals have been identified by police, but Brushetta said it’s difficult to prove that they are the ones committing the crime. So far police have been able to charge between two to four graffiti vandals a month, but Brushetta would like to see more arrests made.

“It’s difficult catching them. If you have video evidence or an eyewitness, you’re golden. That’s what we need,” said Brushetta. “People who are out driving around with their cell phones and see somebody actually tagging a wall, they need to call 911.”

The Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA) removes an average of 100 tags of all shapes and sizes within their downtown boundaries every week. Most tags at street level in the downtown core are removed within 24 hours, but city staff are seeing a rise in larger tags placed high on rooftops that take more time to remove.

In order to prevent some of the tagging, the city has launched a program that will turn a number of graffiti hot spots into 10 colourful murals. The program matches professional artists with youth interested in public art, then create murals in six locations throughout Victoria and surrounding neighborhoods.

Brushetta believes the program is a step in the right direction, but the problem will never go away.

“There’s always going to be people out there wanting to tag and get their name out there,” he said, noting murals seldom get marked or tagged.

During the last two-and-a-half years on the job, Brushetta has seen the graffiti problem remain steady and credits volunteer groups for going out and removing tags in neighborhoods themselves. Removing the graffiti as soon as possible is key so they don’t become another Tolmie Lane.

For years, Tolmie Lane was riddled with graffiti and businesses were marked with hundreds of tags of all shapes and sizes. A year-and-a-half ago, police and city officials approached business owners that backed onto the alley to paint over the graffiti and continue to do so whenever the tags returned.

Now, Brushetta said the lane has been relatively graffiti free.

“Eventually over time they will get tired of going back there because they know it’s going to get cleaned up and nobody is going to see their tags if people are taking responsibility and cleaning up the property,” said Brushetta, adding tagged property should be reported to police before it’s cleaned up.

“If they don’t (clean it up right away), then the tagger is going to think that’s acceptable and he’s going to keep coming back. It’s a simple concept, but it works.”

If you want to read more about the physiology behind a graffiti vandal click on this link to read an article written by the founder of The Graffiti Eaters Rod Mackenzie.

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Why you should Act Fast with Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal is key if you don’t want repeat attacks.

The best way to combat graffiti in our community is to be proactive with Graffiti removal. Vandals only target sites that give their work notoriety and pick on sites where the graffiti is left uncleaned for a period of time.

There are numerous areas where graffiti has not been removed quickly and it has been left to fester and created a negative result for the community.

They get to know which sites are worth their while tagging, and which ones aren’t.

graffiti removal melbourne, graffiti removal brisbane, graffiti removal adelaide, graffiti removal sydney, It’s important to report graffiti to the police so that offenders once apprehended can be held responsible for all the damage they have done.

The NSW Police Force reports that “During 2014 and 2015, there were 7,014 incidents of graffiti reported, a decrease of 10.4% from the previous year,” Demonstrating the need for fast removal and its success when done by a professional graffiti removal company.

“In the same period (2014 and 2015), 806 people were arrested and 595 people were charged with offences relating to graffiti incidents.”
It shows that by banding together, the community can have an impact in controlling graffiti and catching those responsible to hold them accountable.

When you go home tonight, discuss these statistics with your kids. Spread the word about the number of arrests being made so it discourages them to follow in the foot steps of peer group pressure.

Every subtle touch point helps the cause.

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Graffiti Vandals ‘Tunnel’ In Melbourne

Teenage Graffiti Vandals in Melbourne are invading underground rail tunnels in record numbers, delaying trains and risking their lives to post photographs of their exploits on social media.


Graffiti removal difficult in underground tunnels

Trespassing graffiti vandals were caught on the tracks more than 1000 times in just seven months last year and the spike in “railway roulette” comes as authorities warn they are seeing tunnel explorers maimed and killed, and widespread delays resulting for commuters; along with the problem of increasingly difficult graffiti removal.

The self-described “tunnel rats” and “urban explorers” are mocking police efforts to crack down on their illegal behaviour as they seek to increase their online popularity for spraying graffiti in Melbourne. One member of a crew of Melbourne graffiti vandals, who would not be named, said he engaged in the dangerous activity because he enjoyed the rush and the challenge of “outsmarting the cops.”

Rail authorities warn self-proclaimed “tunnel rats” are not just disrupting travel for thousands of commuters but risk their lives and limbs too.

Underground train speeds past graffiti vandals

Underground train speeds past graffiti vandals

As anti-graffiti protection and graffiti removal in Melbourne become immediate priorities for the network, the duration of the delays for commuters when these graffiti vandals enter the tunnels “can range from 15 minutes to an hour”.

“When this happens, trains run direct to Flinders St station, disrupting the travel plans of potentially thousands of customers.  “There is never a safe time to be on the tracks or trespassing on the train network.”  But the teenagers continue to thumb their noses at the concerns of the authorities.

The trespassers pick locks or use bolt-cutters to gain access to the City Loop tunnels, where they engage in their potentially fatal railway roulette.They have even stolen driver cabin keys and Metro uniforms to sneak into forbidden areas below ground.

Victoria Police Transit Safety Division Inspector Darren Cooper said the consequences were often grim. “We’ve seen deaths and horrific injuries as a result of this risky behaviour,” he said.

The tunnel trespassers are usually male, aged 15 to 20, and are cavalier about death or injury. The prospect of fines of up to 2 does little to deter the young offenders. One of the trespassers is a 17-year-old year 12 student who had a friend end up in a wheelchair after falling while running from a train.

But, despite that, he insisted: “It would take me getting my legs or an arm chopped off to stop doing this.” The terrified mother of one of the boys said she wanted harsher penalties for tunnel rats like her son, as she feared his “adrenalin addiction” might get him killed.“It breaks my heart.

It’s frightening. I wait every night to hear from the police to tell me, ‘Your son has been hit by a train’,” the Caroline Springs mother said. “I’m devastated by the fact that they are willing to give up their limbs for graffiti.

“They have their whole lives ahead of them. “What a waste. They get a slap across the wrist and a ‘Naughty boys, don’t do it again’, and then the cycle ­repeats.”

Figures from the Office of the National Railway Safety Regulator reveal 1166 incidents of trespassing on tracks in the seven months from June to December last year.

In June there were 141 reports of trespassers across Victoria, which jumped to 212 in December. In the Metro network, incidents of trespassing on City Loop tracks reflected a similar number when compared with previous years — reaching a peak late last year.

Graffiti promise

Paint Spills & Bladder Leakage!

Paint Spill Creates Urgent Salvage Operation

Paint spills, whether the result of malicious vandalism or an accident – like a truck overturning, spread quickly and if not handled efficiently can cause severe environmental damage.
In the recent example of paint spill cleaning to the left, the cause of the leakage was a faulty storage bladder inside a large steel container. The paint cleanup had to be achieved quickly but also with extreme caution so as to recover the vast quantity of expensive paint that remained.

Paint Spill Containment and Clean up

Accidental paint spills such as this one unfortunately do happen frequently and can cause expensive environmental damage & embarrassment to company reputations. It is important that they are professionally managed and dealt with correctly and quickly.

The Graffiti Eaters have mobile spill response units that can be mobilised quickly to contain a spill and prevent it spreading and entering sensitive areas like storm water drains.

The ‘Graffiti Eaters’ Proven Paint Removal Process

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4. Applied a series of cleaning solutions to break down the molecular bond of the paint and released it from the surface

5. Washed the surface down with water under pressure and left the area totally clean and free of any contamination

6. Vacuum collected all waste-water to ensure nothing entered a drain or harmed the environment

7. Collected all residual paint that could be salvaged and secured it to return it safely to the client

So… if this ever happens to you, don’t get sweaty palms worrying about damaging the environment and dealing with the EPA, call in the experts to manage it all for you!
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Graffiti Vandals strike Broadmeadows Museum 3 Times in a week

Graffiti Removal Needed for Museum in Northern Melbourne

RUTHLESS vandals have attacked Broadmeadows Museum with graffiti for the third time in a week.

Broadmeadows Historical Society secretary Elayne Whatman returned to work on January 12 and made the discovery. She said the museum had been a regular target of graffiti vandals — particularly on public holidays — but never to this extent.

TELL US: Was your club, park or school vandalised over the holidays? Post your comments below.

Broadmeadows Historical Society Hit by graffiti over Christmas – *Picture by Dennis Manktelow

Broadmeadows Historical Society Hit by graffiti over Christmas – *Picture by Dennis Manktelow

Graffiti spray paint was splashed across doors, windows, railings and walls, as well as on rubbish bins and the back of the Broadmeadows war memorial, she said.  “It is (disappointing) because if you see them and you stop them from doing it, this is what happens — they come down and do more,” Ms Whatman said.

“It’s all over the place. They’re going to have a job and a half (removing it). “This is the worst that it’s ever been.”

According to Ms Whatman, Hume Council had indicated the graffiti may take weeks to remove. “This is the first day back after Christmas,” she said.

“It was a kick in the stomach, a kick in the guts,” she said. She hopes the incident will force council to boost security measures, such as CCTV cameras.

Looking for the best in Graffiti Removal, Anti-Graffiti Coatings and Graffiti Protection and Prevention Methods?

Broadmeadows Acting Senior Sergeant Ben Davies said it didn’t appear to be targeted graffiti, with the assumption young kids may have been behind it. But he has warned that offenders could face jail time.

Article Source NATALIE SAVINO – HUME LEADER 16/01/2015

Article Source

“It’s disappointing for the whole community, having to see that sort of vandalism,” Sen-Sgt Davies said.  Council’s city infrastructure director Daryl Whitfort said they had received four reports for graffiti removal at the museum in the past 12 months, which was “minor” compared to problem areas such as bus shelters and parks/playgrounds.

He said the museum was fitted with an alarm and “not considered to have security issues”.  In 2013-14, the Hume council spent $8,000 on graffiti removal.

Local Council, shop traders and residents could have prevented much of this graffiti removal expense with efficiency and quality.

The Graffiti Eaters proven prevention methods provide this and so much more.Do you have graffiti or stains you need removed? You want it off, we’ll get it OFF!

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Anti-Charlie Hebdo Graffiti Attack on Gaza French Centre

Islamic Graffiti Vandals target French in Gaza

Masked men sprayed graffiti on the walls of the French Cultural Centre in Gaza city on Friday to protest against offensive cartoons republished by the French weekly Charlie Hebdo that allegedly ridicule Prophet Muhammad of the Islamic faith.The graffiti read “Anything but the messenger of Allah (God),” and “French journalists go to hell”.  The caretakers of the Centre will now be working to quickly remove the graffiti before it encourages others to add to it.

Graffiti protests sprayed on French Centre in Gaza

Graffiti protests sprayed on French Centre in Gaza

Gaza police arrived at the French Cultural Center building in western Gaza city to investigate the incident and were deployed outside the compound’s main gate as well as on the adjacent main road, an AFP correspondent reported.  The French cultural centre was twice under bomb attacks in October and December.

On Thursday, the Palestinian presidency condemned in an official statement Charlie Hebdo’s insistence to publish the offensive cartoon and circulate 3 million copies.”We stood on the side of the French people against terrorism, but at the same time freedom of expression has to be respected, mainly when it comes to religion,” said the official Palestinian statement. Also, the Islamist Hamas movement slammed the French media for publishing offensive cartoons satire of the prophet.

Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas spokesman in Gaza said in an emailed press statement that “Charlie Hebdo is a clear provocation to the Muslims’ feelings all over the world.””The aim of publishing the offensive cartoon against Prophet Muhammad is to strengthen the culture of hatred against Islam and the Muslims and an intentional incitement to using violence against Muslims,” said Barhoum.

The cartoon of Mohammed was published on the Charlie Hebdo magazine last Wednesday, in its first edition since an attack on its Paris offices claimed by Al-Qaeda that killed 12 people on January 7, sparking angry protests across the Muslim world.

Bomb attack on French Cultural Centre in December last year

Bomb attack on French Cultural Centre in December last year

Graffiti is used in a wide variety of ways across the world but is generally seen as provocative vandalism and is best dealt with by removing graffiti quickly and putting graffiti prevention methods in place such as increased vegetation, art murals, quick removal and increased lighting and security.

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