Boom! Facade cleaning and moss removal made easy


before and after moss removal

Before and After Moss Removal

A heritage listed school building in Melbourne’s north is receiving The Stain Eaters professional care this week as it undergoes a
comprehensive building facade clean and extensive moss removal from the outside of the property. 
The school building facade clean was a complex job and required the
experience of our surface restoration technicians to get the job doneAged building surfaces such as this one can be extremely difficult to clean without damaging the existing substrate and as such this job required our specialised surface restoration vehicles. 
With the aid of these and boom lifts to access the site our technicians
were able to remove dirt, moss and other stains by using both super-heated high pressure water and our special mix of proprietary surface restoration chemicals. After much hard work, we are happy to say it has been another great result achieved by The Stain Eaters. 

 The Stain Eaters are the market leaders in stain removal and use advanced proprietary technologies to quickly remove stains from any hard surface. 

We can remove oil, gum, tyre marks, rust, ink, egg, carbon, glue and more at the lowest cost possible and without leaving surface damage.  

Building Facade Cleaning

Building Facade Cleaning

Building clean by The Stain Eaters

Stain removal at heights is our speciality

Facade moss removal

Incredible result achieved by The Stain Eaters

Another happy client of The Stain Eaters!

“Engaging the graffiti eaters to clean the external façade of our heritage list building was going to be a huge task, none the less they rose to the challenge presented. Team members conducted them self in a professional manner at all-times, taking care of the potential damage that may be caused to both grounds and building.

The results have been outstanding, not only was the project completed on time but within budget that Mark Mackenzie (Operations Manager) had quoted.

It was most comforting to see the Operations Manager visiting on a regular basis, making sure that the project was void of any issues, many thanks to you and your experienced team of workers for the professional cleaning of our old building, it has given it a new lease of life, sensational work!”

Kindest regards   – Wayne Hall                                                                         Facilities Manager -Loyola College

Professional facade cleaning

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Chewing gum banned in Singapore

chewing gum banned in Singapore, gum illegal in Singapore

Don't bite off more than you can chew in Singapore

Did you know that for the past 20 years, the sale and use of chewing gum has been banned in Singapore?In an effort to combat litter and maintain their reputation as one of the cleanest cities in the world, the Singaporean government outlawed the sale and use of chewing gum. Penalties for breaching this law are harsh with fines of up to one thousand dollars.

This ban however has not been adopted in the major cities and towns of Australia and that is why we here at The Stain Eaters are more than familiar with the painstaking work involved with chewing gum removal. We know the damaging effects chewing gum can have on hard surfaces and work hard to ensure this blight on our community is kept to a minimum in schools, train stations, on footpaths and more..

marina bay sands, clean Singapore, no chewing gum in Singapore, chewing gum banned in Singapore

Singapore maintains a clean image with chewing gum ban

From chewing gum removal in Adelaide to chewing gum removal in Melbourne the principles are the same, we want to save you both time and money and make your chewing gum problems melt away. That is why we have developed proven formulas to decrease removal time by up to 45% and save you money.

In an effort to quickly remove chewing gum yet still achieve fantastic results we use a wide range of proprietary technologies to remove both the chewing gum and the residual stains it may have caused. 

Is your school, home or workplace walkway defaced with ugly chewing gum stains?

Call us today on 1300 305 307 and we’ll get it off for a lot less than you think & you’ll feel a lot better when it’s finally gone. 

         Psst! The sooner you get it off, the sooner people will stop spitting out their gum on YOUR property… The more stains you have, the more stains it will attract! 

chewing gum removal, boy blowing chewing gum, clean up chewing gum

You want chewing gum off? We'll get it OFF!

We would like to thank Dr Marc Dussault, the Exponential Growth Strategist for his contributions to this post at a recent Internet Marketing Event.


Oil stain removal made easy

Vegetable Oil eaten up quickly by The Stain Eaters!

After a recent spill of cooking oil at a residential property in Melbourne,  The Stain Eaters were called in to professionally treat and remove vegetable oil stains from brick and sandstone surfaces. As the surfaces were poolside they had water-resistant coating in place which needed to be preserved. This meant the expert knowledge and techniques used by our Stain Eater technicians definitely came in handy as they ate their way through the vegetable oil and protected the coating, leaving the backyard pool area looking good as new!!

Vegetable Oil Stain

Who can I call to get this off?

oil stain removal sandstone

We'll get it OFF!

Sparkling clean poolside

Another great result achieved by The Stain Eaters!

Our satisfied customers said: “Thank you again for your help in this matter and I will be sure to recommend your services and use you again should we have any more oil spills!” Do you have tough stains that need to be removed? Get that clean feeling back into your life with help from The Stain Eaters!For more than 35 years we’ve developed advanced proprietary technologies to quickly remove oil, gum, tyre marks, rust, ink, egg, carbon, glue and much more out of hard surfaces and achieve incredible results at the lowest cost possible.


Local Councils angry about graffiti

Lack of spending on graffiti removal angers local councils

Price tag for clean-up  Councils mad about graffiti on freeways
Graffiti vandalism has been a major problem in recent months and local councils are seeking a solution. 

The Graffiti Eaters’ have over 35 years experience dealing with this type of damage to public property and find that when graffiti vandalism is removed quickly and professionally, the vandals move on and don’t care to re-offend in the same location.

As the first Graffiti and Stain removal experts in Australia, The Graffiti Eaters have over 35 years experience and use advanced market-leading technologies to ensure that graffiti is completely removed. We also believe that prevention is far better than the cure and have developed unique formulas to ensure graffiti vandals are hindered even before they strike. We’ll get stains out of hard surfaces quickly, for a great price and incredible results.Call us now on 1300 305 307 or contact us via our website:  Contact The Graffiti Eaters today 

There’s No Job Too Unusual for the Graffiti Eaters!

Adhesive chemicals and markings may be damaging YOUR driveway…

Adhesive Removal from Slatecrete Adhesive Removal from Slatecrete
Adhesive removal from Slatecrete – Before Adhesive Removal from Slatecrete – After

The Graffiti Eaters were recently called in to remove adhesive markings that remained on a driveway following an application to the surface.

While other contractors may do a rushed job, possibly damaging the surface at the same time, the Graffiti Eaters were chosen on experience, technology and reputation for providing industry-leading services.

With a combination of proprietary solutions and water under pressure, the markings were easily removed, without damage to the underlying surface.

So, if you have an unusual stain problem, trust no-one but the Graffiti Eaters to GET IT OFF!

Contact us today for a professional consultation.

Anti-slip coating saves local residents

Anti-slip coating saves the day in Adelaide! 

A local resident in the beach-side town of Aldinga located just outside of Adelaide has praised the efforts of ‘The Graffiti Eaters’ after having her driveway colour-matched and covered with anti-slip coating in order to avoid serious injury to herself and others. After the recent installation of her new driveway, the homeowner realised the surface was causing those who walked on it to slip over as it had been left untreated after being laid.  This lead to frustration and concern and needed to be resolved immediately before any further damage was caused.

Uncoated driveway in need of anti-slip coating
Uncoated Driveways put everyone at risk

Local resident needs help from The Graffiti Eaters

Local resident in distress

This is when one of our expert technicians was called in to solve the problem. Daniel, a re-surfacing specialist from our South Australian branch resolved the issue in a timely and courteous manner and there were happy faces all round. By coating the existing surface with our special 'anti-slip' formula we were able to provide a long-lasting solution for the client and a much safer and cleaner looking entrance to the property.
Expert Surface Restoration Technician            Anti-slip coating Before / After
Expert Surface Restoration Technician           Anti-slip coating protects surfaces & provides safety

For more information on anti-slip coatings for your home or workplace click below.

Line Marking Removal Off Pebbleset Concrete

…The Graffiti Eaters Can Clean Your Delicates!

Linemarking Removal Linemarking Removal
Line Marking Removal – Pebblecrete – Before Line Marking Removal – Pebblecrete – After

Don’t trust your delicate surface to just anyone – Insist on technology, experience and safe techniques!

While planning line marking in schools, shopping centres and other areas is critical, sometimes it can be hard to envisage how the area will function until the lines are in place and in use.

Unfortunately, sometimes these markings can turn out to be inefficient or ineffective, other times a change of ownership can render line markings useless.

Luckily, the Graffiti Eaters have proven techniques to remove unwanted line marking from most surfaces that won’t damage the underlying surface in the process.

This basketball court/play area has recently needed line markings changed – as it was on pebblecrete concrete, it posed an interesting challenge. This type of surface is extremely delicate and required specialist know how to remove the unwanted lines.

With a combination of water under pressure and specialist cleaning solutions, the Graffiti Eaters were able to remove the lines and return harmony to the playground!

If you have line markings at your premises that need removing, or a delicate surface in need of a clean, contact the Graffiti Eaters for specialist services and professional consultations.

Are Oil Stains Making Your Building Look Second Hand?

…a solution is only a phone call away!

Oil Stain Removal Oil Stain Removal
Oil Stain Removal From Car Park – Before Oil Stain Removal from Car Park – After

Contact the Stain Eaters to give your site a slick new image!

Whilst vehicles and machinery have become a big part of our lives, and have made many day-to-day tasks much easier, over time and without proper maintenance they can start to be counter-productive and leave oil deposits for us – perhaps as a thank you for all the years of hard work we have forced upon them.

Oil spills and stains can be notoriously difficult to remove, unless you call the Stain Eaters, that is!

By employing Mechanical Engineers who study the science of stain removal from surfaces, and drawing on our 35 years of experience, the Stain Eaters have found a fool-proof solution to removing oil and grease deposits from many surfaces, including concrete, bitumen, bricks, pavers and many other surfaces. We use a three-stage process using a combination of our cleaning solutions to extract and remove oil from the surface.

The images above show the results we can achieve – notice that in the process the rust stains and grime build up were also removed – IF YOU WANT IT OFF, WE’LL GET IT OFF!

As a quality, OHS and Environmental Certified Company, we are also capable of meeting your requirements – we can collect and dispose of waste water and organise traffic/pedestrian diversion.

If you have an issue with oil and rust stains having an impact on premises that you own or manage, contact the Stain Eaters today for a professional on-site consultation.

This facade clean left tenants wondering if they were at the right address!

Let your site show its true colours with a rejuvenating exterior clean!

The Sydney team at the Stain Eaters were recently called in to turn this apartment complex from drab to fab – no celebrity stylists required!

The building was suffering from a case of dirt, grime and moss build up on surfaces, which had taken place over many years. Due to the surface involved, which was quite pitted, without regular maintenance this type of build up can happen very easily.

Using a combination of cleaning solutions to soften and agitate the surface, and heated water under pressure, the Stain Eaters were able to easily remove all stains from the entire complex, giving it a new lease on life (no pun intended).

Just look at how much more inviting the entrance looks from the footpath:

Facade Clean Facade Clean
Front of Apartment Complex – Before Front of Apartment Complex – After

There was also a few instances of graffiti around the complex – with our range of 26 proprietary cleaning solutions, we were able to make short work of this.

Graffiti Removal – Before Graffiti Removal – After

The front fence was almost completely covered in moss – but with our industry-leading techniques, we were able to make it look like new again.

Moss Removal
Moss Removal – Before Moss Removal – After

With over 35 years experience dealing with all types of stain removal challenges, the Stain Eaters were able to return this apartment complex to its former glory.

If you have a tough cleaning problem you need solved efficiently and professionally, contact the Stain Eaters for a professional consultation.

Our Rust Removal and Protective Solution Services Really Make Stainless Steel Shine!

Rust stain removal Rust Stain Removal
Rust Stain Removal – Before Rust Stain Removal – After

Has years of exposure to the elements left your exterior fixtures looking old, weathered and rusted?

The Stain Eaters were recently called in to fix an interesting case of rust removal at a shop front in Surfers Paradise. Being close to the ocean, salt erosion is common, and metal fixtures are generally quick to rust, making them look old and stale – not a great way of making your business seem inviting for customers and clients.

While many contractors will simply remove or mask the rust, this will not fix the problem – as the source of the rust remains on the surface, it will keep coming back.

The Stain Eaters, as with all jobs, take a scientific approach to rust stain removal. In this case, our Surface Restoration Technician conducted tests to determine the best type of cleaning solution to be used. With this information, cleaning could commence with one of our 26 proprietary cleaning solutions, which not only removed the rust, but neutralised the source of the problem.

While the initial result was satisfactory, due to the age of the surface it was still looking a bit dull. A wax coating was then applied to the metal, making it not only shine like new, but protect it from the corrosive elements into the future! In the photos, you can clearly see the reflection of the footpath – showing just how shiny the surface is!

It’s results like these that show why the Stain Eaters are nationally recognised for their commitment to quality – when it comes to stain removal, there’s no harsher critic than us!

If you have a problem with rust on your site, contact the Stain Eaters for professional advice to help you GET IT OFF!