Coating brick wall to protect mural artwork

Graffiti mural in Miami coated and protected by The Graffiti Eaters!

Miami Mural to be saved by The Graffiti Eaters

Miami Surf Designs mural saved by The Graffiti Eaters


A MIAMI mural in the Gold Coast that sparked a social media campaign for its heritage listing has been saved by The Graffiti Eaters

Normally we are known for our expertise in removing graffiti but this mural designed and painted for Gold Coast surf shop ‘Miami Surf Designs’ in the 1980′s is seen as art and has now been protected by anti-graffiti coating and saved from destruction or abandonment. 

Recently uncovered at the building that is now home to the ‘Darkside Skateboards’ shop, the mural was brought to the surface when the current owners of the store decided to undergo a facade clean and re-clad the exterior in an effort to update their image and “keep the council happy”. Mark Searle, owner of Darkside Skateboards, said the mural would be covered up again under a sign for his business which prompted the “Save the Miami Sign’’ campaign on social media.

With cleaning the brick exterior wall came a groundswell of support for the protection and transportation of the mural which has now lead to it being coated with our proprietary
anti-graffiti solution and scheduled for reassembly at a location elsewhere to ensure no further damage can occur.

Miami Mural saved

Anti-graffiti coating to protect the famous mural

The local council had displayed interest in its preservation after taking photos for their records but were not in a position to rescue the mural as it was on a private building. In a display of appreciation for the history of the artwork a third party has now guaranteed the survival of the artwork realising the many benefits that long-life anti-graffiti coating can have to not only protect against graffiti attack but ensure the survival of vintage artwork such as this.

We provide graffiti removal across the Gold Coast and protective coatings both in Queensland and Australia wide-Contact us today for incredible results!
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Applying anti-graffiti coating to heritage property

Don’t be a Dumbo!

Apply anti-graffiti coating BEFORE the vandals attack

Anti-graffiti coating on vehicles

Anti-graffiti coatings can be applied to any hard surface

To clean, restore and apply anti-graffiti coating to property and assets can greatly reduce the expense of removing stains and vandalism, especially for owners of valuable or antique items.

One particularly interesting result we were able to achieve recently was the successful application of protective coating to this unique vintage 1966 ‘Airstream’ caravan with a body made entirely of stainless steel.

Protective coating to stop graffiti vandals
Our expert technician at work to protect this unique vehicle

The vehicle belongs to a local vendor ‘Dumbo Feather’ and in order to treat and protect the surface of the vehicle we had to approach the work with a great deal of care and use our many years of experience so as not to damage the existing surface of such a rare and valuable item.

This job highlights that the Graffiti Eaters are able not only able to clean and restore hard surfaces of any kind but are also proficient in protecting valuable assets BEFORE they can be damaged beyond repair by weather, wear & tear or even the dreaded graffiti vandals that target property such as this on a regular basis.

Graffiti coatings can save your property

Add value to and protect your property and assets

The most unusual thing about this job was the added difficulty of the curved surfaces and smooth wrap-around body of the caravan coupled with the fact that is is rare antique vehicle.

We used a secret technique to ensure optimal performance of the coating and applied our proven methods of surface preparation and coating application to provide our client with the best possible result. 

Do you have property or assets that you want to protect?

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Paint spill removal; what can go wrong

Don’t let this happen to you! 

Remove paint spills the right way

What can go wrong with paint spill removal

Have you ever had a paint spill accident on your property? It’s one of the most common accidents when cleaning facades and painting buildings both inside and out.

Many people have delicate or worn surfaces already yet even the toughest substrate can be damaged when not cleaned the right way. Recently we had a client come to us desperate to fix his tiles after attempting to remove spilled paint himself by using acid and bleach which unfortunately left a permanent ‘acid burn’ across his tiles.

To the left is an example of a client not utilising our expertise and causing further damage to his property which could have so easily been avoided - if he had of called in the our surface restoration technicians before attempting to remove the paint himself we could have restored his tiles at one tenth of the cost.   

After using our proprietary restoration process the stains are now faded and will continue to diminish with weather and time but this is a warning to all NOT to attempt removal yourself if you are unsure or inexperienced at removing tough stains from hard surfaces.

Paint removal from hard surfaces

Stain removal expert using high-pressure washer

We not only remove paint from concrete, timber and other surfaces after your own painting mishaps but with the help of The Stain Eaters are able to

Remove paint spills, spray paint and any other form of stain on your property the right way:


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Remove anti-graffiti coating

Beware! Anti-graffiti coatings can fail if not professionally applied

anti graffiti coating removal

Anti graffiti coating testing

Large walls are like a blank canvas for graffiti vandals
and that is why it can be wise to invest in and
protect your property with anti-graffiti coatings.However, despite all good intentions, unless you have
these coatings applied by a professional they can often
lift and peel, leaving you with an unsightly looking finish
that can be expensive to rectify.There are three types of anti-graffiti coating; sacrificial,
semi-sacrificial and permanent. It is important to ensure
you apply the right type of coating for the building surface
you have.

We not only specialise in applying anti graffiti coatings,
but also in removing and stripping coatings when they
either fail or need replacing at the end of their design life.

Anti graffiti coating removal

Anti graffiti coating removal

Recently our team solved a problem for our client in
Queensland by removing a failed anti-graffiti coating. 
Using our proven developed technique to molecularly break
down the hardened two pack coatings we reduced the coating
back into a liquid form which then allowed us to extract the
coating out of the pores of the 
masonry surface using
super-heated water under 
pressure.All waste produced is collected and processed to
EPA standards and our own high standards of
environmental management. If you want to
reduce ongoing graffiti removal costs and protect
your property with a quality anti-graffiti coating that won’t fail,
give our friendly team a call today!

Invisible anti graffiti coating

Invisible anti graffiti coating

Moss removal without pressure washing

Avoid costly damage by removing your moss stains with our specialised solution

Remove moss without pressure washing

Remove moss without pressure washing

The Stain Eaters are known for our flexibility and wide range of cleaning solutions
and as such were called on to remove tough moss stains from a tiled surface at a
large housing estate.Moss removal from hard surfaces is usually achieved by pressure washing the growth
away but in this case a more delicate approach was needed in order to avoid damaging
or displacing the tiles.

Our treatment of the moss provided a much safer option to the regular pressure washing
method and was achieved by a specialised chemical treatment to kill moss without
the need for high-pressure water.
Mosses are flowerless plants typically 1–10cm tall, though some species are much
larger with the tallest moss in the world growing over 50cm in height. They commonly
grow close together in clumps or mats in damp or shady locations. They do not have
flowers, seeds or vascular tissue and their simple leaves cover thin stems.

Moss removal without pressure washingEnvironmentally friendly chemical treatment for moss removal

Inhibiting moss growth

Moss can be a troublesome weed and vigorous moss growth can inhibit seedling
emergence and penetration of water and fertilizer to the roots of other plants
you wish to grow.
Moss growth can be inhibited by a number of methods:

  • Decreasing availability of water through drainage
  • Increasing direct sunlight
  • Heavy traffic or manually disturbing the moss
  • Application of chemicals such as ferrous sulfate (e.g. in lawns)

    or bleach (e.g. on solid surfaces)

Killing moss will not prevent regrowth unless conditions favorable to their growth are changed.


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Glue removal from concrete

How to avoid sticky situations and remove glue from hard surfaces

Glue removal from concrete

Glue stains on your concrete? We'll get it OFF!

We were recently called on for our expertise in
glue removal from concrete at a local council office
building undergoing major renovation works.Tactile tiles for the vision impaired had been removed,
leaving a tough layer of glue residue that needed to
be cleaned off a
nd that is when our
surface restoration technicians were called in to
save the day!

The glue posed a health & safety hazard for pedestrians
and was required to be cleaned up immediately so
we got to work implementing our proprietary
chemical process to remove glue from concrete surfaces.

We then used hot water under pressure to remove
any remaining evidence of the stain and our clients
couldn’t have been happier with the result! 

 Liquid nails removal

Liquid nails a problem for you? We'll get it OFF!

Another similar job we recently completed was at a
factory undergoing a total re-development and the
building contractors had left a terrible mess across the

Messy tradesmen are common within the building
industry as construction sites are prone to debris
and difficult to remove stains.

At this particular location there were layers of
liquid nail stains left behind and when the builders were
unable to remove the liquid nail stains and struggled to
prepare the surface for coating we were called in to help.

Needless to say, our clients were again delighted with the
results we were able to achieve and opted to further protect
their floors from any future damage by allowing us to apply
our proprietary coating solution across the property, saving
them both time and money and adding significant value
to their valuable asset.

Angry about messy builders

Angry about messy builders?

Remove glue, liquid nails and adhesive

Graffiti removal from commercial building project

 Shady signage saved by Graffiti Eaters

Graffiti removal from building site

Graffiti removal from building site shadecloth

Large commercial projects often become the target of widespread graffiti attacks as they create a dominant visual presence in the community and give the vandals exactly what they want – recognition from their peers for their criminal acts.

We recently worked on a major building construction site removing graffiti from a variety of surfaces, including the removal of graffiti from shadecloth and facade cleaning on building walls to ensure they were able to reduce ongoing graffiti removal costs and also a reduction in vandalism to the general area. 

Building site graffiti tag

Building site attacked with graffiti

Graffiti removal at construction sites in heavily populated areas requires specialised treatment and expert knowledge as poor graffiti removal can quite easily damage the image or reputation of a commercial venture or project and create damage to the surface involved. Both types of damage can be difficult, if not impossible to restore.


That is why it is highly recommended to remove graffiti quickly and professionally to decrease the chances of repeat offenders and maintain the clean image of your business.

Removal of graffiti from building site

Another successful result for The Graffiti Eaters

Temporary fencing and semi-permanent structures are usually erected at these work sites to provide both security for the asset and safety for both their workers and the general public. The sad fact is that these sites act as a blank canvas for graffiti vandals looking to spread their tags and is an ongoing pain point for developers, owners and tenants who have to live with the ugly eyesore of graffiti on a daily basis.


If you have graffiti in your area or on your property there’s never been a better time to GET IT OFF – contact the Graffiti Eaters today for a professional consultation by phoning 1300 305 307 or clicking the link below:


Salt and Efflorescence removal

Didn’t you know too much salt can be a bad thing?

Efflorescence removal

Effects of efflorescence before removal

The Stain Eaters are known for our flexibility and wide range of cleaning solutions and as such were called on to remove tough salt and calcium deposits on tiled flooring around a major local swimming pool. This is a common problem in such areas but can extend to many environments not so familiar with the chemical reaction known as efflorescence.Efflorescence (which means “to flower out” in French) is the loss of water (or solvent) to the air which causes hydrated or solvated salt to appear. This reaction can occur in natural and built environments and may present a cosmetic problem (primary efflorescence), or also indicate serious structural weakness in porous construction material (secondary efflorescence).

Efflorescence cleaning has been a problem for many years as not only can it be difficult to remove properly, there is also a major challenge in stopping the salt deposits reforming.
First of all, there must be water present to dissolve and trans­port the salts. Groundwater is often a source of efflorescence as it can easily carry or move the salts to the surface but there must also be channels through which the water can move and migrate towards the surface. The more dense the material, whether it be brick, stone, stucco or concrete, the more difficult for the water to transport salts to the top. Conversely, the more porous the material, the greater the ease with which salts are transported and deposited.

Efflorescence removal

Removal of salt deposit needs to be done properly

Removal and prevention of Efflorescence 

Low absorption is the best assurance against efflorescence. Properly graded aggregates, low water-cement ratio, good compaction and proper curing practices will produce concrete of maximum density and low water absorption. While there is no permanent cure for efflorescence, there are several efflorescence removal methods used by The Stain Eaters that offer the best possible removal and protection against salt deposits occurring.Several methods are suggested. One is to use water under pressure and another is our highly specialised chemical treatment with subsequent flushing of water.

Acid applied to brick masonry, without previous wetting, may cause “burning” or discolouration of the brick and may also eat into the mortar. In extreme cases we may also use light sandblasting for removal of stubborn efflorescence which has been left to accumulate for many months.

Benefits of cleaning salt deposits and efflorescence

Efflorescence completely removed - another great result for The Stain Eaters!

Allowing the surface to dry thoroughly and then using a stiff brush prior to washing with water also aids in the prevention of salts re-penetrating the surface but there is no absolute cure for salt deposits reforming.Much care must be taken in applying acid to any masonry surface as the acid will attack not only the calcium carbonate and calcium sulphate efflorescence, but also other calcium compounds to produce calcium salts such as calcium chloride.

It is, therefore, very important to neutralize the acid before it can attack other compounds and that is why our expert surface restoration technicians are recommended for such work as they offer professional salt and efflorescence removal at extremely competitive prices.


Don’t wait until salt has taken over your property, give us a call today on 1300 305 307 or visit our website by clicking below:


Mould removal in freezing conditions

The Stain Eaters keep their cool…in any temperature!

Mould cleaning and removal from freezer

Mould, dirt and grime covering the industrial freezer

We were recently called on for our expertise in mould and grime removal at a local cold storage facility which had failed a health inspection audit and needed to be cleaned up immediately.Many companies had attempted to remove the stains with little or no results and that is when our surface restoration technicians were called on to save the day!

Mould and grime cleaning from freezer

The Stain Eaters solve problems others cannot

Using specialised labour and equipment to treat and fade back dirt, grime and sticky mould residue from internal and external panel freezer walls, our hardy technician worked in temperatures well below zero degrees.A keen eye and experience was essential to determine the most appropriate technique for restoring the surface without causing any damage and because he had successfully completed similar jobs before, our technician was able to professionally clean the colourbond surfaces and bring them back to an acceptable level of hygiene.
Freezer cleaned of mould, grime and dirt

Another successful result for The Stain Eaters

The use of our proprietary chemicals and solutions mixed with our expert knowledge of removing stains at various temperatures enabled us to achieve a fantastic result for our client and saved them from being penalised for breaching strict health and safety laws.So if you have mould, dirt or grime in your workplace and need it removed with the highest level of care, The Stain Eaters are here to help. We offer a specialised, competitive service and tailor the most appropriate solution to your needs.


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Dirt and Grime removal

Brazil World Cup causes increase in graffiti vandalism

Graffiti attack Brazil World Cup 2014

Trains in Brazil attacked during World Cup 2014

With the World Cup in Brazil kicking off this week, graffiti vandalism and offensive tagging has increased rapidly, with the two main host cities Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo experiencing a rapid expansion in graffiti attacks on both public and private property.

Graffiti in Brazil has been a reoccurring problem for many years now but with World Cup football in town, local residents and street gangs have begun to cover their cities with controversial and highly illegal graffiti. Offensive graffiti tags are being spray painted across the country in direct opposition to the World Cup being hosted in Brazil and the perceived burden the event is putting on the country’s already struggling economy.

Further tensions surrounding the sporting event being hosted in the country will lead to a prolonged battle between the graffiti vandals and the authorities grappling to bring the issue under control.


Brazil World Cup Graffiti Artist

 Graffiti artists have been divided by the World Cup in Brazil

Unfortunately for all, the longer the graffiti attacks occur, the costs associated with graffiti removal, clean-up and increased security will also continue to increase. Graffiti Management Programs such as those implemented by The Graffiti Eaters in Australia will need to be put in place to ensure a long-lasting and appropriate response to the ongoing vandalism present in the community.

Those areas most affected by graffiti vandalism are struggling to get the issue under control and the sooner they understand the problem and work towards preventative maintenance, the better.

Surprisingly, even graffiti murals celebrating the football tournament have been vandalised and images of the country’s football heroes defaced.

World Cup football in Brazil causes graffiti attacks

World Cup football in Brazil sparks graffiti vandalism

In a flow on from these attacks a six-metre high replica of the World Cup near the centre of Rio de Janeiro has been attacked with graffiti, leading to the trophy being eventually destroyed by local gangs.

City Mayor, Eduardo Paes has released a statement saying “Every effort will be taken to find the instigator or instigators of this act of vandalism so this attack does not go unpunished.”

Understanding the root causes and psychology of graffiti vandals is at the very heart of tackling how to prevent such crime and that is why The Graffiti Eaters undertake a holistic approach to not only remove graffiti, but put in place preventative measures of awareness and ongoing maintenance of this seemingly global problem.