Councils using graffiti murals increases

Graffiti Murals used to deter vandals is proving to be a success

Graffiti Mural organised by local council

Source: Herald Sun News – Click picture to enlarge

 ARTICLE TEXT:  IF you can’t beat them, join them.  That is the philosophy Maribyrnong City Council has adopted with a new graffiti program to stop the scourge of tagging.It commissioned eight graffiti murals for heavily tagged walls across Melbourne’s west, including in Footscray and Yarraville.

None has been tagged during the three month program.  

Maribyrnong Mayor Grant Miles said the ,000 StreetWORKS program would cut the council’s 0,000 annual bill to remove graffiti.

Artist Heesco, who painted an eagle mural in Footscray, said the graffiti livened up the area.

“Footscray is pretty crazy and tagged up so the program tackles that problem with a difference rather than buffing the walls grey,” he said.

“The residents are already feeling the good energy.”

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Graffiti problem targeted by local council

Local Council in Melbourne set to clean up graffiti vandals

Council set to work with Graffiti Eaters to remove graffiti

Local Councillor, Steven Briffa, vows to combat graffiti problem

Graffiti vandals received a wake-up call today with increased efforts by Banyule City Councillor, Steven Briffa, to tackle the graffiti problem head-on; in conjunction with professional graffiti removal company, The Graffiti Eaters.

The issue of graffiti in the area has grown steadily worse over the past few years and indeed right across the country with a significant and reported rise in graffiti attacks.  

Graffiti removal from council property and improving the image of the local area is a key priority for the local Councillor whom we had an opportunity to chat with regarding his policies on graffiti removal earlier today.  

Briffa said “Graffiti removal for local governments has become a key focus” as estimated costs increase due to a variety of economic and educational problems relating to the issue.

The associated costs of graffiti removal in Australia have been conservatively estimated at an astonishing annual figure of .5 billion with many associated costs and unreported graffiti crimes not factored into this amount.  This figure doesn’t take into account the social cost of graffiti vandalism, particularly surrounding public perception of security and safety in local councils and public spaces that should be deemed safe by local residents.  Therefore, the total cost and impact of graffiti vandalism is much higher.

Removing graffiti from local councils

The Graffiti Eaters aid local councils in the eradication of graffiti


According to a recent survey about community satisfaction, 85% of the survey respondents considered graffiti in Melbourne as a growing problem which acts as a ‘gateway crime’ to more serious and harmful acts such as:- Public disturbance and anti-social behavioursMaterial theft in order to make graffiti attacks including spray cans and markers- Gang-related activities

- Property damage such as windows or train and bus seats  

Anti Graffiti Programs and Initiatives

Some of the possible ways Local Councils can establish anti graffiti programs and initiatives to address graffiti include:

  • Taskforce Against Graffiti to develop and monitor Council’s Graffiti Management Plan
  • Graffiti Removal subsidy to local graffiti removal companies for local residents to assist in the removal of graffiti from residential property
  • Graffiti Help Line linking back to an approved contractor such as The Graffiti Eaters which provides graffiti management advice to commercial property owners
  • Graffiti Removal Team partnerships which utilise offenders on probation and parole – usually juvenile justice to remove graffiti throughout the area
  • Preventative projects that encourage those at risk of graffiti offending with opportunities to develop their artistic skills and participate in legal aerosol art murals

For further information contact The Graffiti Eaters for FREE advice on how to remove your graffiti and decrease attacks.

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Graffiti Removal Day October 26th

Graffiti Removal gets a helping hand

Graffiti Removal for local councils

Graffiti Removal Day 2014

Graffiti vandalism is a problem right across Australia and in New South Wales the State Government has established a state-wide graffiti removal and prevention event known as Graffiti Removal Day’.   

This commitment to a long-term graffiti prevention strategy is a move to encourage local communities to feel safer and more comfortable in their local area and become more involved in the reduction of graffiti altogether.

The graffiti removal event is set to take place on Sunday 26 October, 2014 and everyone in the community is encouraged to volunteer their time and get involved in the move forward to prevent graffiti and educate people on the high costs of graffiti removal.

Graffiti removal volunteers

Graffiti removal volunteers clean up local council

Graffiti Removal Day is a joint initiative between the New South Wales Government and Rotary Down Under and is welcome news for a graffiti removal company such as The Graffiti Eaters; as we all work together to tackle this rising issue.

Graffiti removal programs such as this are becoming more popular as graffiti removal for local councils especially becomes an increasing concern.

Australian groups online are doing their part such as the widely popular Australian Blogs website which is doing a great job of promoting this event and is also a huge advocate of graffiti removal and prevention.

Australian Blogs are also letting people know about this initiative via their website as action is taken right across Australia to improve local council areas and prevent graffiti from occurring.

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Wax removal from polished concrete floor

Concrete Flooring Wax Removal

at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Wax remove from polished concrete






Before and after Wax removal from polished concrete

What a difference professional cleaning makes!

Polished concrete floor cleaning is becoming increasingly in demand and as such the problems associated with such work including different types of wax removal from polished concrete.
The picture to the left highlights a job we did recently for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney to repair and restore their expanse of polished concrete floors after wax statues that were part of an exhibit had melted and left unsightly stains, demonstrating the growing popularity to clean polished concrete for the most professional appearance.

In all industries and sectors, from factories to high-traffic areas such as schools and shopping centres it has becomes apparent that the The Stain Eaters are ahead of the game with our proprietary cleaning technologies, expert surface restoration technicians and unique skills that have been developed over our more than 35 years of cleaning and restoration work.

Wax removal and coating for polished concrete floor

We clean AND coat polished concrete flooring

One of the best ways to protect these hard surfaces is with a wax coating but often the contractors who apply these can leave excess residue, causing the floors to become slippery and dangerous.Wax removal from concrete floors is a delicate job so as not to damage and completely remove the entire protective layer our professional technicians were able to lightly buff the surface and treat it with specialised equipment to maintain its high-gloss surface without scarring the concrete. 

To clean and restore hard surfaces using a professional contractor is critical as the existing protective coating must be preserved to prolong the integrity, lifespan and clean appearance of any property and is strongly recommended by flooring experts to be checked and maintained on a regular basis.

Factory floor cleaning, schools, shopping centres....anywhere!

The Stain Eaters

Graffiti removal from trucks, trains, cars and more..

Planes, Trains & Automobiles!

We remove graffiti off more than buildings

Graffiti removal from truck

Truck attacked by graffiti vandals


Our clients come to us on a daily basis with an astonishing variety of graffiti removal problems and we aim to solve these in the most efficient way possible.Often we are called upon to clean and coat vehicles such as trucks, trains and more as vandals choose to attack areas that already have pre-existing graffiti in the area.

As you can see from the images to the left our clients need to remove graffiti quickly and quietly and apply anti-graffiti coatings on trucks in an effort to decrease the reoccurence of graffiti vandalism to their property. 

Graffiti removal from truck

Great results achieved by The Graffiti Eaters

Understanding the psychology behind why graffiti vandals attack is critical to put in place long-term measures to protect your property and this is also why there has been a significant increase in graffiti maintenance programs taken up by our clients this year to stop the problem before it worsens.

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Our good working relationship with all service industries including retail, transport, logistics and more has given us a great insight into the variety of problems businesses face when attempting to maintain their assets graffiti-free and that is why from facilities maintenance managers to retail stores to the construction industry – we aim to educate both our clients and the community in general on why graffiti attacks may occur and put in place measure to decrease and prevent graffiti for good.

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Protective Coatings for Pools and Patios

Anti-slip coating poolside creates chessboard for clients

Chessboard created using anti-slip coating

Poolside coating fit for a King (and Queen)

Every so often we get an unusual request from clients and a particularly interesting job this month was to create a chessboard effect on pavers by using various tinted protective coatings next to a swimming pool. 
Up to the challenge we devised a mix of coating solutions to deliver the desired result and were able to create alternating dark and light coated squares.The added benefit to our client was that the products used were also anti-slip coating solutions and sealed the sandstone pavers so the family could enjoy the area for years to come.
Our clients were delighted with the result and are now happily playing chess by their pool!

Areas where we can apply these coatings include but are not limited to:
• Pool surrounds
• Decks and patios
• Balconies
• Factory Floors, Office Fit-outs and Large Concrete Surfaces
• Paved areas including backyards, landscaped gardens and most outdoor hard surfaces
• Steps, stairs and walkways



Checkerboard coating

The Graffiti Eaters are the Kings of Coatings Put us to the test!



We have a range of stylish colours available and our coatings adhere to most mineral surfaces including:

  • Pebblecrete
  • Aged concrete
  • Cement render
  • Masonry
  • Fibre-cement sheet
  • Unglazed tiling




Coatings button

Coating brick wall to protect mural artwork

Graffiti mural in Miami coated and protected by The Graffiti Eaters!

Miami Mural to be saved by The Graffiti Eaters

Miami Surf Designs mural saved by The Graffiti Eaters


A MIAMI mural in the Gold Coast that sparked a social media campaign for its heritage listing has been saved by The Graffiti Eaters

Normally we are known for our expertise in removing graffiti but this mural designed and painted for Gold Coast surf shop ‘Miami Surf Designs’ in the 1980’s is seen as art and has now been protected by anti-graffiti coating and saved from destruction or abandonment. 

Recently uncovered at the building that is now home to the ‘Darkside Skateboards’ shop, the mural was brought to the surface when the current owners of the store decided to undergo a facade clean and re-clad the exterior in an effort to update their image and “keep the council happy”. Mark Searle, owner of Darkside Skateboards, said the mural would be covered up again under a sign for his business which prompted the “Save the Miami Sign’’ campaign on social media.

With cleaning the brick exterior wall came a groundswell of support for the protection and transportation of the mural which has now lead to it being coated with our proprietary
anti-graffiti solution and scheduled for reassembly at a location elsewhere to ensure no further damage can occur.

Miami Mural saved

Anti-graffiti coating to protect the famous mural

The local council had displayed interest in its preservation after taking photos for their records but were not in a position to rescue the mural as it was on a private building. In a display of appreciation for the history of the artwork a third party has now guaranteed the survival of the artwork realising the many benefits that long-life anti-graffiti coating can have to not only protect against graffiti attack but ensure the survival of vintage artwork such as this.

We provide graffiti removal across the Gold Coast and protective coatings both in Queensland and Australia wide-Contact us today for incredible results!
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Applying anti-graffiti coating to heritage property

Don’t be a Dumbo!

Apply anti-graffiti coating BEFORE the vandals attack

Anti-graffiti coating on vehicles

Anti-graffiti coatings can be applied to any hard surface

To clean, restore and apply anti-graffiti coating to property and assets can greatly reduce the expense of removing stains and vandalism, especially for owners of valuable or antique items.

One particularly interesting result we were able to achieve recently was the successful application of protective coating to this unique vintage 1966 ‘Airstream’ caravan with a body made entirely of stainless steel.

Protective coating to stop graffiti vandals
Our expert technician at work to protect this unique vehicle

The vehicle belongs to a local vendor ‘Dumbo Feather’ and in order to treat and protect the surface of the vehicle we had to approach the work with a great deal of care and use our many years of experience so as not to damage the existing surface of such a rare and valuable item.

This job highlights that the Graffiti Eaters are able not only able to clean and restore hard surfaces of any kind but are also proficient in protecting valuable assets BEFORE they can be damaged beyond repair by weather, wear & tear or even the dreaded graffiti vandals that target property such as this on a regular basis.

Graffiti coatings can save your property

Add value to and protect your property and assets

The most unusual thing about this job was the added difficulty of the curved surfaces and smooth wrap-around body of the caravan coupled with the fact that is is rare antique vehicle.

We used a secret technique to ensure optimal performance of the coating and applied our proven methods of surface preparation and coating application to provide our client with the best possible result. 

Do you have property or assets that you want to protect?

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Paint spill removal; what can go wrong

Don’t let this happen to you! 

Remove paint spills the right way

What can go wrong with paint spill removal

Have you ever had a paint spill accident on your property? It’s one of the most common accidents when cleaning facades and painting buildings both inside and out.

Many people have delicate or worn surfaces already yet even the toughest substrate can be damaged when not cleaned the right way. Recently we had a client come to us desperate to fix his tiles after attempting to remove spilled paint himself by using acid and bleach which unfortunately left a permanent ‘acid burn’ across his tiles.

To the left is an example of a client not utilising our expertise and causing further damage to his property which could have so easily been avoided – if he had of called in the our surface restoration technicians before attempting to remove the paint himself we could have restored his tiles at one tenth of the cost.   

After using our proprietary restoration process the stains are now faded and will continue to diminish with weather and time but this is a warning to all NOT to attempt removal yourself if you are unsure or inexperienced at removing tough stains from hard surfaces.

Paint removal from hard surfaces

Stain removal expert using high-pressure washer

We not only remove paint from concrete, timber and other surfaces after your own painting mishaps but with the help of The Stain Eaters are able to

Remove paint spills, spray paint and any other form of stain on your property the right way:


Get it off with The Graffiti Eaters & The Stain Eaters





Remove anti-graffiti coating

Beware! Anti-graffiti coatings can fail if not professionally applied

anti graffiti coating removal

Anti graffiti coating testing

Large walls are like a blank canvas for graffiti vandals
and that is why it can be wise to invest in and
protect your property with anti-graffiti coatings.However, despite all good intentions, unless you have
these coatings applied by a professional they can often
lift and peel, leaving you with an unsightly looking finish
that can be expensive to rectify.There are three types of anti-graffiti coating; sacrificial,
semi-sacrificial and permanent. It is important to ensure
you apply the right type of coating for the building surface
you have.

We not only specialise in applying anti graffiti coatings,
but also in removing and stripping coatings when they
either fail or need replacing at the end of their design life.

Anti graffiti coating removal

Anti graffiti coating removal

Recently our team solved a problem for our client in
Queensland by removing a failed anti-graffiti coating. 
Using our proven developed technique to molecularly break
down the hardened two pack coatings we reduced the coating
back into a liquid form which then allowed us to extract the
coating out of the pores of the 
masonry surface using
super-heated water under 
pressure.All waste produced is collected and processed to
EPA standards and our own high standards of
environmental management. If you want to
reduce ongoing graffiti removal costs and protect
your property with a quality anti-graffiti coating that won’t fail,
give our friendly team a call today!

Invisible anti graffiti coating

Invisible anti graffiti coating