Graffiti Vandal gets justice and forced to pay ,000 in damages

A GRAFFITI vandal will have to fork out almost ,000 to cover the damage caused by more than 100 tags along the Gold Coast-Brisbane train line and on public property.

High praise to the police after a successful conviction of a prolific graffiti vandal with the courts imposing a hefty fine that reflects the cost of cleaning up after this criminal. Hopefully this will send a clear message to his “friends” that Graffiti is vandalism and when they eventually get caught there are severe consequences.

The following is an extract from MEAGAN WEYMES, Gold Coast Bulletin 10th July 2015

Adam James Wawryk leaves court after being sentenced. Pic: Meagan WeymesAdam James Wawryk was initially charged with 344 counts of willful damage by graffiti for offences alleged to have occurred between 2006 and 2012 along the train line and on public property.

In the Southport Magistrates Court yesterday, Waw­ryk pleaded guilty to 121 counts, while the prosecution offered no evidence on the other 223 charges.

The court was told Wawryk was the subject of a drawn-out police investigation and was eventually caught through CCTV footage and evidence that he left behind. Solicitor Jason Buckland said his client was paying a week through SPER and said it would take about six years to pay off his new bill.

Magistrate John Costanzo described the types of tags painted by Wawryk as “fair dinkum” and “large” rather than those that involved scrawling initials on property. “Obviously you caused extensive damage without a second thought to the damage you were causing others,” he said.

“This is not victim-less crime. When you put your tags on public property or a corporation’s property, someone has to pay for it. “Bringing you to court and bringing you to justice obviously took quite a lot of investigative effort by the police.”Wawryk was ordered to serve four months in jail on each charge, wholly suspended for three years, in addition to paying ,925 in restitution, performing 40 hours of graffiti removal and a further 80 hours of community service.

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Relying solely on the police to help arrest graffiti artists in not the only solution, having a proactive graffiti prevention strategy will significantly lower your risks and if you are unfortunate enough to have your property vandalised, an anti graffiti coating applied to the surface will make clean up easier and cheaper.

Once again the team at Graffiti Eaters commend the efforts of both police and the courts on sending a clear message to the graffiti vandal community that their behavior will not be tolerated.

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What to do when the local kids paint bomb your fence

What would you do?

Settlement for the home you sold is only hours away and the local kids decide to Paint Bomb your fence?

Call in the Graffiti Removal and Paint Spill experts, The Graffiti Eaters. The Graffiti Eaters are experts at building cleaning regardless of the problem, our trucks arrive on site fully equipped to handle almost any situation including being able to comply with all OH&S, Environmental hazard, Water conservation and Insurance requirements.

In this example the poor home owner had just sold this property and the “Paint bomb” vandalism occurred on the day of settlement, which in itself is a stressful enough time, with out the extra “Welcome to the neighborhood” message from the local vandals.

Not wanting to have problems with the delaying of the settlement, the team at The Graffiti Eaters go there urgently on the morning of the handover, quickly and professionally cleaning up the mess, restoring it back to new, with no evidence of scaring or shadows left behind for the new owner to have to deal with.

Graffiti Eaters, Graffiti Removal, Paint spill removal

Before -Family home is “Paint Bombed” by neighboring kids

Graffiti Eaters, Paint spill removal, graffiti removal

After – Graffiti Eaters team totally remove all traces of the “Paint Bombing”









Graffiti Removal, paint spills, Graffiti experts

Here is a great example of “how not to” remove graffiti and deter vandalism

Graffiti removal goes horribly wrong as Graffiti Vandal and City Worker have year long exchange.

Street artist Mobstr, sorry Graffiti Vandal, recently shared a photo story that took place over the course of a year. Mobstr reasoning was:

“I cycled past this wall on the way to work for years. I noticed that graffiti painted within the red area was ‘buffed’ with red paint. However, graffiti outside of the red area would be removed via pressure washing. This prompted the start of an experiment. Unlike other works, I was very uncertain as to what results it would yield. Below is what transpired over the course of a year.”


As you can clearly see, prior attempts to remove graffiti vandalism have been poorly done, there is shadowing where graffiti has been removed on the left of the building which has made the brick work look unsightly.

The door has been left uncleaned, and on the right they have just painted over the graffiti leaving a “New Blank Canvas that is patchy in colour and looks like it is still vandalised”



street-artist-mobstr-and-city-worker-have-year-long-exchange-on-red-wall-in-london-3It wasn’t long before the graffiti vandal started taunting the city council and others soon joined in.







Rather that take the wall back to its original condition, the council’s appointed Graffiti Removal company opted to just paint over it.

As you can see with a bad colour match only encouraged the taunting to continue and consequently the costly “Game” to continue.





It was not long before others once again got in on the “Act” with the encouragement by not only the original graffiti vandal, but by the council themselves for not putting in place an “Anti Graffiti solution.

A surface restoration and management program such as an Anti Graffiti Coating will stop paint from properly adhering and making it easier to clean off.

Once again the solution was to badly patch paint which lead to the response of another Graffiti Attack.


The final option the council took to repair the surface was to repaint the entire building, and not restore it back to its original condition which was still possible.

A once good looking and functional brick building in a public place is now a pinkie red eye sore for the public to see everyday.



And you guessed it, it was not the end of the problem, our Graffiti Vandal decided he was going to have the last word!


The moral of the story here is that restoring surfaces back to their natural state, rather than painting over is the best method to deter vandals.

The moment you patch paint in different colour shades, it looks just as bad as the graffiti, the building looks like no body really cares and the vandalism increases.

Get it professional restored, cleaned and maintain it this way is more cost effective in the long run.


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What can go wrong when Graffiti is not removed properly

When graffiti is not removed correctly by experienced professionals the solution can be far worse the the original cause.

Poor or wrong technique will leave your wall scarred for ever.

photo 3

photo 1

photo 4








The above is an example of a client who’s wall was permanently damaged by an inexperienced contractor who doing the work on the cheap, cut corners and used abrasive cleaning techniques to remove the graffiti making the problem worse in the long run.

By using an abrasive technique the inexperienced contractor, opened the face of the concrete block and damaged its protective outer layer which is designed to protect it from the elements. Moisture was then able to penetrate into the concrete causing unsightly salt and efflorescence deposits to form and irreparable damage.

Don’t make the mistake of employing “any” graffiti removal firm, make sure you hire someone with experience and carried the appropriate insurance and cleaning solutions on board like the Graffiti Eaters.

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Professional Line Marking Removal Techniques

Line marking is designed to last for a long time so how do you shift something actually designed to withstand heavy traffic?

It is designed to be driven on and has to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions, so how do you remove something actually designed to stick well but no longer in the right position?

To ensure the surface is not damaged underneath, you need to call in expert resources for “Line Marking Removal”, such as the team at Graffiti Eaters who have been removing hard to tackle paint for over 37 years.

line marking removal, graffiti eaters

Heavy industrial paint used for line marking is hard to shift and if not done right will scar the surface.

Great care is done to assess the situation and to create the right solution for the job as every removal process is different.

We have been called to fix many jobs that other contractors have made a mess of, damaging the underlying surface resulting in a more costly repair bill by using aggressive grinding or abrasive blasting techniques.

The best way to remove the paint is chemically, it is a bit messier, however it does not pit or damage the surface, and the team at Graffiti Eaters carry on board their trucks all the necessary chemical containment resources on board and adhere to all environmental requirements.



Line Marking removal, graffiti eaters

Line marking removed correctly without damage to the surface.

The Team at Graffiti Eaters use the following process for line marking removal:

  1. Applying a propriety cleaning solution to breakdown the molecular structure of the paint
  2. Scrapping any thick layers of paint residue
  3. Removing solid paint residue
  4. Pressure washing the surface to neutralise and extract paint from smaller pores
  5. Applying a second propriety cleaning solution for the remaining paint residue
  6. Pressure wash the area again with heated water
  7. Vacuum collect the waste water for safe discharge inline with accredited environmental practices.


Graffiti Removal, paint spills, Graffiti experts

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Truck driver had to remove graffiti off truck fast!

What happens when a thoughtless vandal strikes, your freight needs to be move, how do you get graffiti off truck, fast!

Truck drivers and Tradies are the back bone of this country!

It’s a well known fact that truck drivers of all sizes are the backbone of our country making sure our parcels and freight reach its destination on time.

It’s enough work keeping the vehicles on the road with routine maintenance but what happens when a reckless vandal puts graffiti on your prized rig, truck, van or even car!

Unexpected down time putting you off the road and worse affecting the image of your business in the community and to your customers.

Graffiti Eaters will get you back on the road fast!

We will come to you in our trucks that are custom built by Graffiti Eaters to handle and situation FAST putting you back on the road in no time and helping protect your reputation with your clients and the community at large.

Graffiti removal from truck

Truck attacked by graffiti vandals

Graffiti removal from truck

Great results achieved by The Graffiti Eaters

After a thoughtless graffiti vandal tagged this truck, a quick call to the team at Graffiti Eaters and we had him back on the road quickly so he could continue to meet his customer deadlines.

Graffiti removal off a truck body before and after by the team at Graffiti Eaters

As specialised paint cleaning and graffiti removal experts, The team at Graffiti Eaters understand how important it is to you to stay on the road and we have tailor made solutions to meet your needs, from Book Now, Quick Quote to the option to have a formal quote we also work to meet you tight timelines and work with you to remove the graffiti off the truck, van, car or even train quickly.

Time is of the essence, the longer you wait the more costly and difficult it is to remove the graffiti off your vehicle, call us today for your free quote on 1300 305 307 and don’t let the Graffiti vandals win or stop you from earning your living.


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Graffiti Vandals hit cars in local shopping centre carpark

Thoughtless young graffiti vandals recklessly tag cars in local shopping centre

Eight car owners at a Queensland shopping centre are reeling after their cars we thoughtlessly vandalised with purple paint whilst they we doing their shopping. According to reports, extensive damage was done on three sides of one vehicle, and 7 others were not spared the spray can of the graffiti vandal, including one unfortuate employee who found out after working her shift.


According to Dalby police officer-in-charge Terry McCullough, the shopping centre had been helpful in providing footage that they will be reviewing and he believes from the evidence so far, that young people were involved in the damage to the vehicles. “They just went along with a can of spray paint or potentially coloured hairspray to graffiti the cars one after another,” he said.

Graffiti on car, get graffiti off car

One of the cars hit with graffiti in the crime spree

If you are ever unfortunate enough to suffer from a graffiti attack do you know what to do?

Did you know most full comprehensive Car Insurance policies would cover such an incident so make sure you get a professional to remove the problem as quickly as possible.

  Graffiti Removal from Cars, vans and any Automotive Duco.

Removing paint off paint is always an interesting challenge.

Correct processes rely on using cleaners that, when used with the correct dwell time, break down the softer fresh paint first, leaving the baked automotive enamel unaffected underneath.


It is important to remove graffiti on these surfaces when the graffiti is fresh, and within 1 week for the best results. Once it is baked on by the sun, the dwell time window is reduced making removal more difficult, longer and costly.

If you need help, give the team at Graffiti Eaters a call on 1300 305 307 and we will act quickly to remove the unsightly graffiti from your property.




Graffiti at dazzling heights.

The Graffiti Eaters able to scale tall buildings to vanquish vandalism, in a single bound

Graffiti Eaters hi rise graffiti removal

Crime is often just for the thrill.

Not all graffiti attacks are random acts of vandalism motivated by the simple desire for self advertisement, some are meticulously planned and designed to demonstrate the bravery of a thrill seeking graffiti vandal.

Unfortunately vandals can equip themselves with abseiling ropes, with long roller poles, aerial drones and copters, super soaker water guns and other things, to place graffiti in hard to reach and awkward locations.



Managing Risk, AS 4801 OH&S compliance

The team at Graffiti Eaters take very seriously our commitment OH&S compliance when we recently had to scale down this 12 story building in Melbourne to remove a graffiti attack. Our highly trained and experienced team members, used abseiling equipment to reach the tagged spot allowing for full compliance in safety and managing the environmental risks with over spray.Graffiti Eaters Tall Building Graffiti removal Experts

Given the flexibility of our set up we were able to mobilise our equipment on the roof to work from the top down. A removal such as this should only be attempted by the experts at the Graffiti Eaters as it requires careful planning, OH&S compliance (AS 4801) and a little extra time in the setup to ensure the removal is completed successfully.

The end result was our team successfully removed the graffiti and restored the image of the building and happy clients.


If you are unfortunate enough to experience a graffiti attack on your building, your first call should be to the team at The Graffiti Eaters, the tall building Graffiti Removal Experts

How concrete rust stains affect the value of your investment.

What to do when you start experiencing concrete rust stains.

concrete rust stains, stain eaters, graffiti eatersConcrete is created by binding together materials such as cement which is the binding agent, crushed stone, gypsum to help with the curing process, rock and sand to help give it strength, this is then usually poured into a frame which has steel reinforcement through it to give it the structural strength it needs to be used as wall panels, flooring slabs, swimming pools, statues, amongst other things.

It is not uncommon for manufacturers to use recycled concrete as a base which is made from the grindings of old concrete.

This practice enables them to achieve a highly compacted base, weather it’s for your patio, driveway, or garage floor to reduce the risk of cracking and shifting.



So why does Concrete have unsightly rust stains?

Rust stains may have originated from various sources and become visible on your concrete surface even if it has been painted as it will seep through. Concrete rust stains may be caused by the type of aggregate used, as it may contain iron oxide, or from re-bar being placed too close to the surface.

In some cases rust stains on concrete surfaces may be caused by small amounts of contaminants in the aggregate, such as pyrites, or caused by pieces of tying wire left in the form work prior to casting the concrete.

Homeowners can be mistaken to believe that the rust has appeared due to problems with the installation or the concrete mixture; however this is not the case it is often just a cosmetic issue and will not affect the long-term performance of the concrete structure.

It is near impossible to prevent rust build-up on concrete foundations, driveways, porches, patios, and sidewalks. When watering plants and bushes, the rust builds up over time, and leaves behind unsightly orange marks. These marks can turn your office building or beautiful home into an eyesore.

If your concrete has rust stains and you are concerned call the team at Stain Eaters and we can help you to restore the look and value of your property by removing and treating the unsightly rust stains from concrete surfaces such as foundations, patios, sidewalks, driveways, and porches.

For help to remove rust stains on your concrete surfaces, call the experts at Stain Eaters on 1300 305 307

How to remove oil stains on driveways

 Untreated oil stains on driveways, will deteriorate your concrete surfaces

Oil will dissolve the binder, which are made up of sand and aggregates which are held together by a binder called cement, causing raveling to occur. In cases where the oil stain has been untreated for a while, the top of your pavement surface will start to erode, in the case of asphalt may become soft.

It’s always best to treat oil stains as soon as possible.

The longer the stainoil stain in retail, stain eaters is left on the surface the more it will saturated into it, causing the surface area of the concrete or asphalt to deteriorate quickly.

Unfortunately it only takes one incorrect process to permanently stain many surfaces.

It is important that oil is removed from the surface as soon as possible to prevent deep penetration.

If you are unfortunate enough to sustain an oil spill, act immediately by covering the area with sand, saw dust or kitty litter to soak up as much oil as possible. Our team can clean this up and dispose of responsibly on arrival.

Below are a few do-it-yourself ways to remove fresh oil stain.

Remember to thoroughly clear the area of any debris (leaves, grass cuttings, loose dirt, etc.) and rinse off the stained area with a garden hose before trying one of the methods below, if you are concerned about doing it yourself the team at Stain Eaters are just a phone call away.


1) Cat litter

This method is only recommended as a temporary fix for fresh spills until you can get the oils spill professionally cleaned by the team at Stain Eaters.

Mop up as much excess oil as possible and then lay down a layer of cat litter. Stomp/pat down to make sure the cat litter gets into the pavement and absorbs the oil. Leave overnight. The next day, just sweep it up for disposal to a bin and hose down the surface with water. Keep in mind that this is best approach to deal with fresh oil stains. If your oil stains have been left untreated for a while, consider options 3 to 5

2) Oil Stain Remover

There are easy-to-use products available at your local hardware store that will remove stains caused by oil, grease, hydraulic fluid, and other oil-based materials. After scraping off build up and cleaning the area, apply the oil stain remover to the stained area. Let the product dry to powder form (usually about 5-8 hours) and then sweep up the area.

3) Internet remedies

Dont use home remedies such as “Coke” or “Degreaser” as it sends the Oil Spill deeper making the problem worse and harder to remove, more costly for you and been known to permanently damage the surface. Don’t risk making the situation worse, leave it to the experts at Stain Eaters.

 4) Sealcoating

Sometimes the best course of action is to prevent something from happening in the first place. You can prevent oil stains by sealing the surfaces. A sealcoat is a sealer for your concrete or asphalt surface that protects it from oil stains, oxidation, UV radiation, and water penetration.

The purpose of a sealer is to maintain the current condition of your pavement. If you’re pavement is in good condition, then a sealer will keep it in good condition.

Whilst you have a number of options as to how you treat oil stains, the most important thing is that you take action as soon as possible. The longer you allow oil stains to become saturated into your pavement, the more your pavement will deteriorate, and the more costly it is to correct.

Extensive research by the Engineering Department at Graffiti Eaters has developed a range of processes and equipment to clean up your worst problem spills, quickly and environmentally safely.

Whether your problem is oil spots on a driveway or a major oil spill over a road, our team can organise the road closure, contain oil spread, chemically neutralise to restore the substrate, vacuum collect and safely discharge the waste without harm to the environment.

For more information on how we can help you give us a call at the Stain Eaters on 1300 305 307 and we look forward to helping over the coming weeks.