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Graffiti taggers wreak havoc in Boroondara

Graffiti removal a high priority for Melbourne area of Boroondara

GRAFFITI taggers are continuing to wreak havoc in Boroondara, as a new council removal program is rolled out across the city.

Graffiti removal Melbourne

Graffiti tagging abundant in local council area of Melbourne (Boroondara)

A resident — who asked not be named — said the proliferation of graffiti in the northern suburbs of the Boroondara municipality was alarming, with Balwyn and surrounding suburbs including Surrey Hills and Canterbury copping the brunt of “this criminal activity”.”We see long-term graffiti removal as a necessity along Whitehorse Rd which no one appears to be taking the responsibility to remove,” the resident said.

Graffiti removal in Melbourne and indeed right across Australia has become a huge concern for local residents, councils and commercial centres and as vandals become more brazen, learning new ways to access hard-to-reach areas and spread the popularity of this crime amongst their peers.

Graffiti removal in Melbourne a priority

Graffiti removal desperately needed at Belmore Rd in Melbourne’s east

“Along the pedestrian walkway to Chatham station from Mont Albert Rd, the fences, park bins, street signs, fire hydrants and even the road bear witness to this delinquent activity.The walls abutting the station itself are an utter disgrace.Eight of Boroondara’s 20 shopping centre trader associations have entered into an arrangement where the cost of removing graffiti from private shops and buildings is shared with the council.However, Balwyn does not have a designated traders association and is not one of the areas to sign up to the plan.

Council director of environment and infrastructure Bruce Dobson said individual shop owners could still access paint and graffiti-cleaning kits to clean up their private property.

One of the eight centres to have already signed up to the program is North Balwyn Village with centre co-ordinator Janet Busby saying “I personally hate graffiti and the way we have been able to remove it is something we’re very proud of.”

Graffiti removal programs allow us to take great pride in the centre.”

*Article Source: ‘Herald Sun Online’ – (Leader Community Newspapers)

Graffiti Maintenance Programs like this can be easily setup with The Graffiti Eaters as we service right across metropolitan and greater Melbourne. If you want it off, we’ll get it OFF!

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Graffiti Facts and Figures in NSW

Graffiti Removal decreases vandalism across NSW

Graffiti removal off wall

Graffiti Removal made easy with The Graffiti Eaters

Exact figures in regards to graffiti vandalism are hard to obtain, both because graffiti vandalism is an under-reported crime, and due to irregular and inconsistent reporting of data by government agencies, businesses, the community and private property owners.The following statistics as such should be considered in this light.

What is graffiti vandalism?

The term ‘graffiti vandalism’ refers to illegally defacing private or public property with markings and/or graphics without the owners consent. Graffiti is illegal and an offence under the Graffiti Control Act 2008 (NSW) and the NSW Crimes Act 1900.

Types of graffiti included within this definition include tagging, etching and murals.

Graffiti removal results

Graffiti removal proven results

The incidence of graffiti and a reduction in graffiti

A total of 95,409 incidents of graffiti were reported to NSW Police from 2005 to 2013, with an average annual number of incidents per year of 9,540. There has been a reduction in the amount of graffiti being reported to police in recent years.  In 2011 there were 8,957 instances of graffiti reported to NSW Police, down from 9,653 in 2010 and 11,708 in 2009.

Source: NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR), 2013.

Graffiti hotspot

Graffiti removal hotspot

Graffiti Hot-spots in NSW

Graffiti hotspots are those Local Government Area (LGAs) with the highest number of recorded incidences of graffiti. The table below lists the top 10 LGAs in NSW with the highest number of graffiti incidents in 2013.

Top 10 LGAs for graffiti, 2013

Postcode  Number of incidents
Lake Macquarie 555 1
Sutherland Shire 536 2
Newcastle 476 3
Blacktown 432 4
Wyong 420 5
Sydney 363 6
Penrith 306 7
The Hills Shire 293 8
Gosford 258 9
Blue Mountains 247 10

Source: NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR), 2014

Graffiti Targets

In 2013, the premises types most commonly reported to police as being targets of graffiti vandalism were residential dwellings (26.3%). This was followed by business/ commercial (19.6%), education (15.3%) and outdoor/public places (15.6%).

Most common premise types for graffiti, 2013

Premises Type  No of GV Incidents
Residential 2356 26.3
Business/Commercial 1765 19.6
Education 1373 15.3
Outdoor/Public Place 1397 15.6
Public Transport 783 8.7
Recreation 419 4.7
Other 864 9.7
Total 8957 100


Source: NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR), 2013.

Graffiti Offenders

Graffiti vandalism is a crime for which it is difficult to apprehend and therefore, prosecute offenders and graffiti removal can be a difficult task unless you have the expertise of cleaning companies like The Graffiti Eaters.   For the seven years between 2005-2011, there were 75,330 graffiti incidents reported to police.

Of these, formal proceedings were brought against 8,596 (11.4%) people. Males represented 90% (7,726) of all people proceeded against. Just under three-quarters (71%, 6,102) of offenders proceeded against were under the age of 18, 88% of whom were male.

At The Graffiti Eaters we remove graffiti and stains not just in NSW but Australia-wide and use our proven proprietary techniques to ensure a great result, first time. We also assist you with preventing further crimes from occurring with our proven ‘tips & tricks to prevent graffiti vandalism‘.

Stop graffiti vandals sign

Graffiti removal done right the first time by The Graffiti Eaters


Graffiti Tagging Used For Dog Theft

Graffiti tagging to steal fighting dogs increases

Dog theft using graffiti

Graffiti dog tagging

Criminals are scouting Melbourne suburbs for pets to steal and use in illegal dog fights, and they are using graffiti tags to mark their target houses according to recent reports in the press and social media.

A Facebook post, which has been shared more than 5000 times in just over a week, displays graffiti used to mark houses where eligible dogs live that are marked to be stolen. It claims these “dog fight markers” have become more apparent in the community across major Australian cities including Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

One such tag was placed on Settlement Road, Bundoora in Melbourne’s north recently and one Facebook poster, Liana Horn, commented that the markers “indicate a dog to be either used for bait or for a dog fight.” “Please look out for these and keep your eyes peeled,” she wrote.

“Police have been alerted but please be on the look out on fences, trees and power lines as I didn’t think that these things would happen to me. Please share as much as you can with all dog owners.” Quick graffiti removal is one of the best ways to prevent returning criminals from knowing where their target dogs were and for those who are at risk of regular attack, graffiti protection such as alarms, increased lighting or anti-graffiti coatings can also provide a barrier from the criminal element in your neighbourhood.

Ms Horn, who owns a staghound crossbreed, had previously been told by three people that dog fight markers exist. “I knew it was dog tagging because I was warned by my vet, the adoption place I got my dog off of and one of my friends who had researched into it,” she said. “Also, one of my work friends has two pit-bulls and this has been happening to him for four years now. He said that the tag was the same as the ones they used on his property.”

Dog theft using graffiti

Graffiti tags used to steal dogs

Ms Horn said she has resorted to installing security cameras on her property out of fear her dog may be taken. Victoria Police said it had no information on dog fight markers and could therefore not verify the accuracy of Ms Horn’s claims.

“I can’t confirm if it is a hoax or not as we know nothing about them as far as I can determine,” Inspector Ian Geddes said.

The post has evoked impassioned responses from dog lovers and continues to be shared at a rapid rate.  “You know that’s the third status about this exact thing I’ve seen tonight? I wonder if they do it in waves or something,” one comment states.  Another claims the dog fight markers are appearing in other areas of Melbourne.

“They are doing it in Melton and Bacchus Marsh as well,” the comment states.  RSPCA Victoria Inspectorate Manager Allie Jalbert stated that “We do hear anecdotally of dog fights occurring in Victoria, but the activity is very difficult to detect,” Mr Jalbert said. RSPCA Victoria works closely with Victoria Police to investigate any information or reports that come to light regarding illegal dog fighting activity.”

In July last year, a Melton woman claimed her dog was stolen and used as a ‘‘bait dog’’ for illegal dog fighting.

Graffiti removal in Melbourne and right across Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and more is a key priority for local residents in an effort to reduce and prevent these sort of crimes in their community as they can also lead to house burglary, home invasion and violent attacks.

Stop graffiti vandals sign

Are you a dog owner who needs to remove graffiti in your local area?


Visit The Graffiti Eaters website today or call 1300 305 307 to GET IT OFF!



– ‘Criminals marking houses to steal dogs’ : The Weekly Review Melbourne Times  05/02/2014
Facebook Post by Liana Horn: Dog Theft Victoria

Anti-graffiti window film saves $$$

That’s a Wrap!

Protective Window Film

Innovating the protective coating industry

Vandal scratching glass

Graffiti vandalism can include damage to glass surfaces

With glass surfaces such as bus windows and shopfronts becoming more frequently targeted by vandals the need for anti-graffiti window film is increasing and we have met this demand with our latest proprietary offering designed to prevent surface damage to glass and other delicate surfaces.This new protective window film provides an invisible barrier on the glass to allow vandalism such as scratches, texta and graffiti to be easily removed.  The anti-scratch window film allows easy removal and replacement when the vandals scratch into it and is a cost-effective solution to this type of vandalism.

One of the key ingredients in this type of protective coating is that for the majority of cases the vandals don’t even know the film is there and will not attempt to peel it off and scratch the underlying glass surface.

Anti-graffiti window film

Anti-graffiti window film saves you $$$

Anti-graffiti window film also has the added benefits of providing extra protection against extreme temperatures and UV radiation and the protective film is quickly growing in popularity on surfaces such as:

  • Buses and Coaches
  • Taxis
  • Private Transport vehicles
  • Shopfront Windows
  • Council and Corporate Offices
  • Petrol Stations
  • Warehouse and Retail Outlets
  • Pharmacies

anti-graffiti window film on bus

Anti-graffiti window film is perfect for buses, shopfronts and more…

WERS film accredited

All our protective window film is of the highest international quality standards

Call us today to discuss how anti-graffiti window film can benefit your property on

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Oil Stains driving you round the bend?

Remove Oil Stains Fast!

Oil stain removal

Oil stain removal needs the right approach to avoid damaging the substrate

Oil stain removal

Oil stain removal process for hard surfaces

Recently we performed an interesting oil stain removal job where a mechanic had failed to tighten a sump plug.  This was disastrous as the vehicle had been driven all the way home from the service centre with oil leaking out of the engine the entire way home…

Driveway coating before and after

Coating your driveway can greatly increase its lifespan

Utilising our proven techniques to clean oil stains from driveways, roads and other masonry surfaces we were able to achieve a fantastic outcome for the client and well within budget.In addition we also provided a new driveway coating to ensure any further stains could not attack the underlying substrate.  This had the added benefit of improving the overall look and value of the property and included the safety component of an anti-slip coating to avoid accident and injury. 

The key to remember with oil stain removal is to remove oil stains quickly so as to avoid the oil soaking into the substrate and causing further, more permanent damage.   The driveway coatings then provide the long-lasting protection that many properties are sorely lacking.

happy client of the stain eaters

Another great result means another happy client!

Hand cleaning stains

                  Oil stains on your property?               We remove stains off any hard surface

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Graffiti Removal Day a success

Graffiti Removal Volunteers make a big difference

Graffiti removal day volunteers

Volunteers lend a helping hand

Graffiti vandalism is a problem right across New South Wales and costs local communities millions of dollars each year. However, yesterday they received a welcome relief with volunteers across the state lending a helping a hand to provide graffiti removal and other cleaning of vandalism.

The New South Wales Government is committed to reducing vandalism by encouraging local communities to get involved in the fight against graffiti and established this event to promote graffiti removal and prevention in the community. This event occurred yesterday and was known as “Graffiti Removal Day“.

The aim of the Day is to encourage people to volunteer their time and get involved in the removal and prevention of graffiti. and is a joint initiative between the New South Wales Government and Rotary Down Under.


Successful graffiti removal

Successful graffiti removal

Graffiti Removal Day was a success this year purely because family, friends and local organisations across the state of NSW took a proactive approach to get involved in the fight against graffiti. Groups that took part included sporting clubs, chambers of commerce, service clubs, councils and schools just to name a few.

Although Graffiti Removal Day was a success there needs to be a continued and sustained effort to dramatically reduce and prevent graffiti from occurring.  

To know more about the day visit the ‘Graffiti Removal Day’ website or for professional graffiti removal call ‘The Graffiti Eaters’  on 1300 305 307 or email

Councils using graffiti murals increases

Graffiti Murals used to deter vandals is proving to be a success

Graffiti Mural organised by local council

Source: Herald Sun News – Click picture to enlarge

 ARTICLE TEXT:  IF you can’t beat them, join them.  That is the philosophy Maribyrnong City Council has adopted with a new graffiti program to stop the scourge of tagging.It commissioned eight graffiti murals for heavily tagged walls across Melbourne’s west, including in Footscray and Yarraville.

None has been tagged during the three month program.  

Maribyrnong Mayor Grant Miles said the ,000 StreetWORKS program would cut the council’s 0,000 annual bill to remove graffiti.

Artist Heesco, who painted an eagle mural in Footscray, said the graffiti livened up the area.

“Footscray is pretty crazy and tagged up so the program tackles that problem with a difference rather than buffing the walls grey,” he said.

“The residents are already feeling the good energy.”

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Graffiti problem targeted by local council

Local Council in Melbourne set to clean up graffiti vandals

Council set to work with Graffiti Eaters to remove graffiti

Local Councillor, Steven Briffa, vows to combat graffiti problem

Graffiti vandals received a wake-up call today with increased efforts by Banyule City Councillor, Steven Briffa, to tackle the graffiti problem head-on; in conjunction with professional graffiti removal company, The Graffiti Eaters.

The issue of graffiti in the area has grown steadily worse over the past few years and indeed right across the country with a significant and reported rise in graffiti attacks.  

Graffiti removal from council property and improving the image of the local area is a key priority for the local Councillor whom we had an opportunity to chat with regarding his policies on graffiti removal earlier today.  

Briffa said “Graffiti removal for local governments has become a key focus” as estimated costs increase due to a variety of economic and educational problems relating to the issue.

The associated costs of graffiti removal in Australia have been conservatively estimated at an astonishing annual figure of .5 billion with many associated costs and unreported graffiti crimes not factored into this amount.  This figure doesn’t take into account the social cost of graffiti vandalism, particularly surrounding public perception of security and safety in local councils and public spaces that should be deemed safe by local residents.  Therefore, the total cost and impact of graffiti vandalism is much higher.

Removing graffiti from local councils

The Graffiti Eaters aid local councils in the eradication of graffiti


According to a recent survey about community satisfaction, 85% of the survey respondents considered graffiti in Melbourne as a growing problem which acts as a ‘gateway crime’ to more serious and harmful acts such as:- Public disturbance and anti-social behavioursMaterial theft in order to make graffiti attacks including spray cans and markers- Gang-related activities

- Property damage such as windows or train and bus seats  

Anti Graffiti Programs and Initiatives

Some of the possible ways Local Councils can establish anti graffiti programs and initiatives to address graffiti include:

  • Taskforce Against Graffiti to develop and monitor Council’s Graffiti Management Plan
  • Graffiti Removal subsidy to local graffiti removal companies for local residents to assist in the removal of graffiti from residential property
  • Graffiti Help Line linking back to an approved contractor such as The Graffiti Eaters which provides graffiti management advice to commercial property owners
  • Graffiti Removal Team partnerships which utilise offenders on probation and parole – usually juvenile justice to remove graffiti throughout the area
  • Preventative projects that encourage those at risk of graffiti offending with opportunities to develop their artistic skills and participate in legal aerosol art murals

For further information contact The Graffiti Eaters for FREE advice on how to remove your graffiti and decrease attacks.

  Stop graffiti vandals signCLICK HERE!


Graffiti Removal Day October 26th

Graffiti Removal gets a helping hand

Graffiti Removal for local councils

Graffiti Removal Day 2014

Graffiti vandalism is a problem right across Australia and in New South Wales the State Government has established a state-wide graffiti removal and prevention event known as Graffiti Removal Day’.   

This commitment to a long-term graffiti prevention strategy is a move to encourage local communities to feel safer and more comfortable in their local area and become more involved in the reduction of graffiti altogether.

The graffiti removal event is set to take place on Sunday 26 October, 2014 and everyone in the community is encouraged to volunteer their time and get involved in the move forward to prevent graffiti and educate people on the high costs of graffiti removal.

Graffiti removal volunteers

Graffiti removal volunteers clean up local council

Graffiti Removal Day is a joint initiative between the New South Wales Government and Rotary Down Under and is welcome news for a graffiti removal company such as The Graffiti Eaters; as we all work together to tackle this rising issue.

Graffiti removal programs such as this are becoming more popular as graffiti removal for local councils especially becomes an increasing concern.

Australian groups online are doing their part such as the widely popular Australian Blogs website which is doing a great job of promoting this event and is also a huge advocate of graffiti removal and prevention.

Australian Blogs are also letting people know about this initiative via their website as action is taken right across Australia to improve local council areas and prevent graffiti from occurring.

Contact our friendly team for advice on how you can reduce and prevent graffiti on 1300 305 307 or click the STOP the vandals sign below:

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